Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The age-old "Fish Finger Sarnie" debate.

I normally work late on a Tuesday evening. As Nicola isn't a big fan of cooking, it means that Tuesday night dinner is normally an oven-baked affair. I don't mind though, fish and chips, or a pasta dish, that kind of thing.

Tonight was fish fingers! Weirdly enough, I didn't like fish fingers much as a kid but I love them now. My preferred fish fingers are from Lidl - made from MSC sustainable Alaskan Pollock, have more fish content than the bearded man's offering (you know who I mean), and have a really crunchy coating.

This leads me to the topic of this post - The Fish Finger Sandwich.

Freshly buttered bread, hot crispy fish fingers and lashings of tartare sauce.......Delicious!

How do you eat yours?

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Joe said...

Gotta be buttered, thick white bread with a good helping of vinegar and ketchup. Can't beat it!

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