Saturday, 28 January 2012

Are you hungry?

After years of eating, tasting, cooking and enjoying food, I have eventually got round to creating my very own food blog. 
I hope that the info that I share can help influence what you might cook over the coming weeks, or where you might go for to enjoy a tasty lunch or dinner.
Today Nicola and myself were in Glasgow (not shopping for a change), Nicola had a bit of pampering going on. In between her beautifying herself, we decide to go to The Living Room on St Vincent Street for a relaxing lunch. 
Although, they were not long opened, there were already a few hungry diners in front of us. The barman suggested that we would be comfier through in the restaurant rather than the booths in the bar. I think the full length windows and the almost sub-zero outside temperatures helped us decide that barman knew what he was talking about.
Once seated, our waiter quickly ran through all of the specials on the menu before taking our drinks order. Not a bad start to the day, quarter past twelve and we each have a large glass of wine in our hands.
Things got better when our lunch arrived, Nicola had the Living Room Club Sandwich, a massive stack of chicken, bacon, fried egg, lettuce and chips. We had to ask the waiter to wrap half of the giant sandwich up to take away, honestly - it was that big!
The Pesto Chicken burger that I ordered came out, beautifully presented. Grilled chicken breast, pancetta, sun-blush mayo, gherkin on a flour bun, served with thick chips served in a little fryer basket.
Both of our meals were delicious and great value for money. If you are ever looking for somewhere more upmarket, make yourself at home in The Living Room.



LittleGems Jewellery said...

Great review Gerry! Love the layout of the blog too

philcordiner said...

Just getting hungry thinking about it ! Looking forward to many more recommendations in the future!!

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