Friday, 10 February 2012

Changing the World, One Cook at a Time!

 I've been writing this blog for almost two weeks simply as a way of expressing myself through the food that I enjoy eating and love cooking. I suppose one of the things that will keep me going is the possibility that others may share my opinions or be influenced by the reviews that I post, or even better, decide to give the recipes a try.
So whether you are simply passing by for a quick read or a regular visitor, please feel free to leave feedback on my posts or suggestions on topics for the future.
As it turns out, I seem to be having an impact already. I recently received a picture text from my Mum today, showing off her cooking skills! Actually, the fact that she managed to send a picture by text was hugely impressive! Let alone the fact that Mum was able to put together a dish that was visually stunning, and a classic dish from my childhood.

More importantly it reminded me that you can't eat nouvelle cuisine every night!  
 Remember that Valentine's Day is on Tuesday, I wonder if this would work as a romantic dinner?

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thenaughtyman said...

Good man Gerry. Keep it up.

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