Monday, 20 February 2012

Marco Pierre White - Little Black Book

For as long as I can remember, there have been TV chefs. My early memories are of Delia Smith working out of her Norfolk conservatory, and a slightly inebriated Keith Floyd recreating rustic French dishes without any proper recipe. These days there are so many chefs who have created a career for themselves in front of the TV camera rather than in their own kitchen. In fact, I sometimes wonder if some of these celebrity chefs could 'hack it' in the hustle and bustle of a professional kitchen.
Don't get me wrong, I think the increasing number of tv chefs, as well as related cookery books and tv shows, has helped home cooks understand fresh produce and flavour combinations more than ever before. One of my favourite celebrity chefs is the three Michelin star chef, Marco Pierre White. Over the years Marco has proven his credentials at a host of top restaurants, and at the age of 33 became the youngest chef to achieve three Michelin stars. Over the years, Marco Pierre White has gained a reputation for being hard working in his quest for excellence, whilst not being afraid to eject patrons of his restaurants if they passed comment that wasn't to the liking of the head chef! After 17 years at the top, Marco retired from the pass and handed back his Michelin stars.
These days, Marco is the public face for Knorr stock cubes and stockpots. In answer to criticisms that he'd 'sold himself out as a chef' by acting as a brand ambassador for such products he said, "by working with companies like Knorr it allows me to stand onto a bigger stage and enrich people's lives... Michelin stars, they're my past."
In my opinion, Marco Pierre White knows his stuff! If you're going to take the advice from any top chef, then Marco is a great place to start. Knorr and Marco have put together Marco Pierre White's Little Black Book, a great collective website full of recipes, Video recipes, cooking tips and techniques from the man himself. The purpose of the site is all about giving you the confidence to experiment, to try new things and to really enjoy cooking.
Add the Little Black Book into your library, it's a book you'll keep going back to read again and again!

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