Friday, 3 February 2012

Review - Cathay Cuisine, Newton Mearns

Ok, It's Friday evening and after a long week at work, Chinese takeaway seemed like a good idea. Myself and Nicola usually use the New Jasmine at Clarkston Toll however after a colourful menu came through the door from the recently opened Cathay Cuisine on Ayr Road, Newton Mearns, we decided to give it a go.
Some of you may have heard the name before, maybe thinking that this new establishment is a new relative to the popular Cathay Cuisine from East Kilbride and formerly Rouken Glen Park. As it turned out there is no connection other than a similar name.

You know the guilty feeling you get when you order takeaway from somewhere other than your preferred supplier? Wondering if you'll enjoy the change or perhaps enjoy it too much that the new place takes over as the thing close to your heart? After our meal tonight, we will be back to the New Jasmine soon enough.

We ordered Crispy Pancake Rolls, followed by Nasi Goreng. (Nasi happens to be one of Nicola's favourite dishes) The order was £8.80 - good value for the size of portions that we received.

The starter of Crispy Pancake Rolls were well packed with a savoury selection of beansprouts, with a lesser amount of shredded chicken and ham, with a slight chili kick.

I always think that a great way of grading Chinese takeaway is to try the staple dishes. If they can do these well, there is hope that the rest of the menu will get your taste buds dancing. The rolls from Cathay Cuisine were tasty although I have to say that I prefer more meat in my Pancake Roll and there was a heavy background taste of ground white pepper. Overall, we both thought that they were a fairly run of the mill Chinese starter.

Moving onto our main, Chicken Nasi Goreng, I was quite excited. On more than one occasion, Nicola had raved about the delicious Nasi Goreng that she had at Mao in Glasgow's Merchant City. (sadly now closed down a couple of years)
Nasi Goreng is the national dish of Malaysia. A fried rice dish spiced with tamarind, shallots, garlic & chili, accompanied with chicken and prawns. The dish is often served with a fried egg on top which strangely seems to work well!!

Unfortunately, our version tonight was not as exotic the Malaysian classic. Disappointed not to see a shiny egg yolk winking up at me, it looked like we had been given nothing more than chicken fried rice.

Don't get me wrong, the chicken fried rice was tasty, smoky and slightly spicy. It just wasn't Nasi Goreng.
If had wanted chicken fried rice, that's what I would have ordered. (along with some chips and curry sauce on the side)
Overall, our meal was nothing more than average. I don't think that we'll be back in a hurry. Maybe those guilty feelings were justified after all. Just remember that if you have something that makes you happy and ticks all of the right boxes, being tempted by something else could lead to nothing more that disappointment.

The Chinese seaweed isn't always greener on the other side.

Have a great weekend.



Andy said...

If you're ever looking for an Indian you've got to try Yadgar.

Yadgar Kebab House
148 Calder Street
G42 7QP

Avoid the "mugguz" though (its brains).


Unknown said...

Thanks for the tip. Nicola is out all day tomorrow with the girls so Yadgar could be a shout. Although, I'm thinking a Stefano's pizza from Cathcart Road.

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