Friday, 16 March 2012

The Best Man Knows Best......

When a guy gets married, he expects that his best man will be able to carry out a few important tasks;

  1. Make sure that the stag night causes no damage or embarrassment to the groom to be.
  2. On the night before the wedding, make sure the groom doesn't end up too inebriated.
  3. On the day of the wedding, get the groom to the venue on time.
  4. Take care to have the rings, marriage schedule, and assorted monies safe to hand.
  5. Deliver a speech that people will remember, but doesn't give the groom too hard a time.

I have to say that my best man done a great job on most of those things listed above, and now he is offering up recipes that I can try out and review.


Tonight I have tried a recipe for flapjacks that Paul has sent to me. He tried them last week and informed me that they were easy and delicious. Hopefully mine turn out well and I can post up a little review and the recipe tomorrow.




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