Friday, 23 March 2012

Facejacker's Favourite TV Chefs

I posted my own thoughts on 'Celebrity Chefs' a few weeks ago. During the week, I read an article in Shortlist Magazine where Kayvan Novak, the man behind 'Facejacker', talked about his top five TV chefs. I agree with everything that he says about each of the chefs mentioned so thought that I would share his thoughts here.

Keith Floyd

I grew up on the late Keith Floyd cooking shows. He's an amazing character and an inspiration to me. Anyone who can hold a camera in a single take for as long as he did, with no script, is an actual genius. One of a kind.

Nigel Slater

his recipes are tasty and his prose is equally delicious. Who else could sound as if they were having an orgasm when eating porridge and make it sound so normal? He has ultimately proved that cookery shows are all in the delivery. Unconventionally mainstream.

Marco Pierre White

He cemented his reputation by being fiery, but what a chef. Sure, he sells stockcubes now but he's been there and done it when he was younger, winning Michelin stars. Imagine young Marco meeting today's Marco. You'd wonder what they'd make of one another.

Nigella Lawson

I enjoy watching her go to the fridge in the middle of the night. She likes tasty food and nothing satisfies her appetite. She's one of those posh chefs you can't help but watch and listen to the smooth sounds of.

Raymond Blanc

He's bumbling, with an intriguing personality, and although he's a head chef in charge of lots of people, he leads in a very cuddly, amiable way - the antithesis of Gordon Ramsay, who does it with lots of swearing.

Who is your favourite TV Chef?



Mccider33 said...

Athony character..

Unknown said...

Yeah, I like Anthony Bourdain too. Always willing to push the boundaries.

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