Friday, 9 March 2012

Last Minute Change Of Plan - Where's my Ostrich?

Earlier in the week I had posted that my father-in-law was keen on having ostrich as his birthday celebration meal. That suited me very well as I haven't had ostrich in some time.

As I gave thought to the three courses that I was going to put together, I started making calls to my ostrich supplier to make sure that I had the meat delivered in time for the weekend. However, due to an outbreak of bird flu in South Africa the EU have currently placed a ban on importing ostrich meat. Of course this puts a spanner in the works for my menu, but let's not forget the many workers who have been affected whilst the ostrich farms are closed down until the virus is eradicated.
It is expected that the ban on the production of ostrich will be lifted in the next couple of months, however it could still take upto four years before the industry is back to where it was pre-bird flu.
After this blow, I started making some calls to ostrich farmer in the UK to see if I might be able to source a few steaks direct from the farmers. Unfortunately, this seemed to be an impossible task. As the EU import has seen the volume of ostrich meat drop, the UK producers have been almost exclusively supplying the restaurant trade.
Ultimately I am left with no choice but to change my menu. I had previously mentioned that ostrich was like a very good fillet steak, therefore the obvious replacement on the menu has to be very good fillet steak!
I will post up the recipes for the Greg's celebration meal in due course, but just to whet your appetite, tomorrow I will be serving up;
Starter - Tartlet of Goats Cheese & Tomato
Main - Fillet of Beef, Dauphinois Potato, Purple Sprouting Broccoli, & Polenta Chips
Dessert - Chocolate Fondant with Clotted Cream

Keep an eye on posts over the next couple of days where I will let you know how the birthday meal worked out, as well as putting up recipes that you can have a go at yourselves.
Until then, hope you all have a great weekend.


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