Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Review - Bordone's Kilmarnock

My wife grew up in the East Ayrshire town of Kilmarnock (many years ago), and although we now live in Clarkston,we still visit Kilmarnock on a fairly regular basis either for Nicola to get to her regular hairdressing appointments or to visit her dad Greg, who still lives there.
More often than not, we will try to grab a spot of lunch while in the town centre. One of our usual haunts is Bordone's on the Foregate. This traditional Italian family run cafe and ice- cream shop has been a fixture of the town centre for many years, serving up fresh coffee and cakes, delicious homemade soups and sandwiches, as well as award winning ice-cream.
When we visited on Saturday just as the lunchtime trade was starting to pick up, we managed to get a table in the back corner. Our order was taken quickly and efficiently by one of the ever smiling waitresses, Nicola opting for her favourite sesame bagel filled with cream cheese and ham, Greg choosing the quiche salad, alongside my choice of pastrami and mozzarella toastie. Saturday was the first day of the good weather and the choice of imported Italian soft drinks helped keep us cool, myself and Nicola sharing a couple of long glasses of San Pellegrino lemonade.
As the almost ever present owner John Bordone prepared our lunch, the cafe slowly filled up with sit in diners as well as a couple of children popping in for the aforementioned ice-cream.
Our food arrived a short time later and as I hadn't had breakfast, I quickly tucked into my well filled toastie. You could never accuse Bordone's of scrimping on portions, both the bagel and my toastie were filled to bursting with thinly sliced meat and cheese, whilst the salad that Greg had ordered looked like someone had been to the all you can eat salad bar, and the homemade cheese and tomato quiche was light and fluffy with a deliciously crisp shortcrust base.
As we quietly eat our lunch, I'll admit to having a little envy towards Greg and his salad. Next time I'm out I think I'll be ordering the quiche too!
When we were finished, Greg ordered a white coffee and I ordered an espresso. They have served Bei & Nannini coffee for a number of years now, one of my favourites with its rich aroma and thick crema.
The coffees rounded off our lunch nicely, then it was time to put the sunglasses back on get back out into the sun. Nicola had plans for me to be busy in the garden later in the day!
We have been visiting Bordone's for many years, always more than satisfied with the fresh food and great value for money that we receive. Next time you're in Kilmarnock, pop in for a bite of lunch, or just a coffee and ice-cream. Either way, you'll be glad you did and be back for more before you know it.


LittleGems Jewellery said...

Great review about a great cafe! Always one of my mum's favourite places too! :-)

Unknown said...

Glad to hear it. Bordone's never disappoints.

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