Friday, 6 April 2012

Foodie Apps

The increased usage of mobile devises, over the last few years, as a means to access the Internet has changes the way that we find information. Before the rise of the Internet, cookery books and magazines were the obvious starting point of you were looking to prepare a tasty meal, however new technology has been embraced by a number of companies and individuals in order to present a much more interactive approach to working in the kitchen.
As a subscriber to Olive magazine (in old fashioned print), I also get the BBC Good Food magazine app for free. The digital version of the long running magazine is a fantastic way to read the magazine, packed with the usual mix of recipes, tips and ideas, articles and adverts, but with various interactive features including video demonstrations and direct links to advertised product websites.
There are a huge number of free apps available to download, where you can pick up loads of recipe ideas at the touch of a button. Epicurious, and AllRecipes are two great apps worth downloading. Both have thousands of recipes available plus more being added on a daily basis, as well as reviews from other amateur cooks who have previously tried the recipes out.
My inspiration for writing this post today was the new Morrison's Magazine app which has been launched in the last couple of weeks. The West Yorkshire supermarket group are the first of 'the big 4' to target the online users in this new digital way.
The 38 page online magazine, which coincides with a redesign of the traditional printed in-store magazine, debuts with an interview with Aldo Zilli. There are loads of seasonal recipes plus plenty of engaging content, lots of food news as well as some big prize competition. The recipes are laid out on interactive cards or played put on short on board videos, the iPad version brings a bit of fun into the kitchen. The supermarket hope to target a different type of customer and by using the technology available to them, their iPad version of the magazine is a powerful tool in bridging the gap between buyer and seller. As more advertisers jump on board, with links to their own sites and social media pages, Morrison's have established themselves firmly in the digital age.


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