Saturday, 21 April 2012

Saturday Night Takeaway - CC's Wood Fired Pizzas

So Nicola had another girly day out in Glasgow today, this time with her sister Lisa. After having a late lunch at Cafe Rouge, Nicola wasn't in the mood for a full meal tonight. Cue big smiles for Gerry as I could order takeaway!

I've previously posted a couple of favourable reviews on CC's Wood Fired Pizza on Clarkston Road and as I thought that I might be getting a whole pizza to myself, then my choice of takeaway was easy!

Business seems to be booming for the guys at CC's, I popped in just before 7pm to find the small waiting area already packed. I arrived at just the right time as the poor chap that ordered just after me was advised that there was a half hour wait for his order, of course some things are worth waiting for and the customer paid his bill and took a seat alongside the other hungry customers.

Tonight I ordered a 12" Parma ham pizza, but as Nicola was likely to want a slice or two, I decided to have some pepperoni added as well. (pepperoni is her favourite pizza topping)

When my pizza was ready and removed from the traditional wood fired oven, I was asked if I would like some rocket leaves scattered over the top of the pizza. Parma ham and rocket are perfect partners, so I took them up on their kind offer.

As I drove home with the fresh aromas of my pizza filling the enclosed space in the car, I hoped that Nicola wasn't too hungry because if the pizza tasted as good as it smelt, then I really didn't want to share MY pizza.

I've had three or four pizzas from CC's now and they have all been delicious! Tonight's offering was no different, the based was light and crispy, covered with a rich tomato and herb sauce, fresh mozzarella, pepperoni, Parma ham and fresh rocket leaves.

The balance was almost perfect, the salty Parma ham and spicy pepperoni cuts through the sweet flavours of the mozzarella and tomatoes, whilst the peppery rocket brings some texture to the party. However, if I were to make a slight criticism of tonight's pizza it would be that the strong flavours of the pepperoni were too overpowering for the rocket to do its job, but please remember that the addition of the pepperoni was at my request. I'm sure that the rocket would have been worked well with the Parma ham on its own so I'll just have to try another time and let you know.

The other downside of adding pepperoni to my pizza tonight meant that Nicola managed to eat more pizza than I've ever seen her eat before. I know it's good to share but she ate three slices! So much for Nicola not being that hungry.


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