Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sunday Roast or Barbecue?

No contest really, this weather makes the barbecue an obvious choice everyday. With so many different meats, rubs and marinades available, the options available are endless.

Today I was helping LitteGems Jewellery with her stall at the Newton Mearns Farmers Market and during the quieter periods I had a wander around the other stalls to see what tasty treats were on offer. Edenmill Farm, run by the Gibson family from just outside Blanefield in Stirlingshire, with a wide range of pork, beef, lamb and venison.

After sampling some fresh cooked sausages, I had to buy some of their Aberdeen Angus & Black pudding sausages. I knew that these would tasty great when cooked over the coals, for safe measure I also picked up a pack of Edenmill's pork with ginger & spring onion sausages.

As I waited on the coals getting to that ideal cooking temperature, (which always seems to take far too long), I had a much deserved rest in the garden with a Cuba Libre.

With a couple of the delicious Carmichael Estate lamb burgers that I had leftover from yesterday, as well some chicken breast fillets marinated in Reggae Reggae sauce, and not forgetting the black pudding sausages, I was good to go.

With the good weather expected to stay with us for most of the week I can see the barbecue getting a good run out, I'm glad that I bought so many sausages.

Enjoy the rest of the good weather and long may it continue!


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