Wednesday, 8 August 2012

5 Questions - The Wee Fudge Company

I first became aware of The Wee Fudge Company earlier this year when they were at my farmers market. At the time, the fledgling family business was only a few months of trading into what has become a bit of a roller coaster year as a home hobby has grown arms and legs and quickly grown into a successful business. From making creamy fudge for family & friends to attending their local farmers market in Clarkston, making personalised corporate goodies and beautifully presented wedding favours, Wee Fudge has progressed to selling their delicious range of fudge in a number of select retail outlets including Whole Food Market in Giffnock. In fact, as recently as yesterday, Coia's Cafe in Glasgow received their first delivery from Joyce and the team.

The Wee Fudge Company have been quick to incorporate social media into their marketing, making sure that they are keeping their fans up to date with everything that's going on. Embracing the social media sites has also been a great help to Wee Fudge as they were successfully chosen as one of Theo Paphitis' Small Business Sunday winners on Twitter (#SBS). This has helped raise lots more awareness to the brand, as well as help drive more online traffic through their website. You can connect with them on both Facebook and Twitter.

1 - How did you get started?

The business was born following a family conversation around the dinner table one Saturday (curry!) night in the autumn of 2011. I had been making fudge for fundraisers for quite some time and often received enquiries about buying the fudge. My daughter is a wedding planner and good on marketing, her partner is a web designer and my son is an excellent photographer. They all said they would help me set things up if I decided to go for it. We started up by coming up with a name then that grew into designing a logo and building a wee website but our real ‘break’ came when Whole Foods Market opened. We went round there on their opening weekend and I spotted that they didn’t sell fresh fudge. I emailed them, they invited me in, loved the fudge, said they’d like to stock it and a business was born. (I should also mention son number two’s job is to be my main assistant in the sales department – a real ambassador for the brand and a bit of eye candy for the girls I’m told!)

2 - What’s the best piece of business advice you could give?

Be clear in your mission and your market, focus on your customers and don't compromise on your product, your standards or your values.

3 - Where would you like to see your business in 5 years time?

As the Scottish producer who has the reputation for providing a first class, bespoke and signature service and the finest luxury fudge to the finest delicatessens and wine merchants – in Scotland and beyond.

4 - If you could only have one of your own products, what would it be & why?

I’d need to have two! First our signature Strawberry & White Chocolate –because so many people tell us they have never tasted fudge anything like it. That was I think when I realised that our fudge really was something quite special! But I also need to mention our fresh Scottish raspberry also with white chocolate because it is a very good example of our commitment to use local and seasonal produce, with no additives, in our constant development of fudge flavours – and it tastes absolutely fantastic!

5 - You can invite one person (living or dead) to your last meal – Who would it be and why? …and what’s on the menu?

It would have to be my Dad who passed away when I was in my early twenties. He always supported and encouraged me in anything I did and I would love for him to be able to see how this wee business idea is turning into something really special. He would be very proud! On the menu would be a Scottish soup ( made with ham ribs that Dad and I would share) , followed by very fresh Scottish haddock. We’d probably skip pudding and go straight to coffee and cheeseboard that would include some very special fudge laced with Dad’s favourite tipple - Drambuie!

So whether you happen to buy their delicious fudge from a retailer near you, or directly from their stall at the farmers markets, you can be sure that the same attention to detail has been taken to ensure that you keep coming back for more. I've not managed to try the whole range yet but I'm definitely working on it, but I've already decided that my favourite flavour is the fantastic fresh raspberry & white chocolate fudge, what's yours?


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