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Review - Delizeque, Hyndland Street, Glasgow

Delizique, Hyndland Street

My gorgeous wife Nicola has been working away in London over the last week so we had made the decision that when she was back that we would enjoy a day out today, providing that the weather wasn't as horrible as it has been over the last few weeks.
With the sun splitting the skies, we made our way to the Riverside Museum, the new home for Scotland's Museum of Travel & Transport. This was our first trip to the transport museum since it moved from the Kelvin Hall to the £74 million modern site on the River Clyde and we spent almost four hours wandering around the 3000+ vehicles and other paraphernalia.
We hadn't expected to spend so long at the museum and when we left after a few hours, it was already past our normal lunchtime. We were in the West End, we knew that finding something to eat wouldn't be too difficult so jumped back in the car and made our way towards the Hyndland area where a little deli/cafe called Delizique is based.
We arrived just after 3pm to an already busy cafe, in fact had we arrived any later, I think we would have been eating takeaway sandwiches in the car!
The interior of Delizique is dominated by what looks like a replica of 'The Tree of Hippocrates', and a scattering of mishmash tables and chairs all with a view of the open kitchen pass. Delizique attracts a wide spectrum of diners all flocking to sample home baking, sandwiches and fresh salads. The speciality of the house is their famous 'Big Piece', a giant home baked focaccia sandwich, think of the biggest chopping board that you've seen then think of a sandwich that same size and you've got the starting point for the 'Big Piece'. The filling changes daily depending on the mood of the chef, today's filling was poached salmon with dill, tartare sauce, rocket and lemon. If you're happy with the sandwich filling of the day, they simply cut a big piece from the chopping board.

Chorizo, sun dried tomato & mozzarella pizza

Delicious as the 'Big Piece' sounded, we had come in from a cold winters day and wanted something that could warm us up. The menu consists of boards of meats, cheeses and salads, plus a wide choice of home cooked pizza. We opted to share a Chorizo, sun dried tomato and mozzarella pizza, and a Greek Salad between us.

Greek salad

The 8" pizza (£7.50) was cooked to order with a crisp base topped with smoky slices of thick cut chorizo, succulent pieces of sweet sun dried tomato, and torn pieces of creamy mozzarella, all drizzled with peppery extra virgin olive oil. The Greek salad (£4) was a huge pile of rocket, tomato, red onion, cucumber, peppers, and olives, tossed with crumbled Feta and olive oil. All the dishes at Delizique are served on rustic wooden boards.
The boards that we were served were fantastic! The fresh flavours from the salad were a great counter to the rich chorizo from the pizza, and the portion sizes were generous for the price. To accompany our lunch, Nicola had a bottle (330ml) of Lorina French pink lemonade, whilst I had an espresso once we had finished our food. Delizique are guilty of one of the things that really annoy me about lots of cafes, they seriously mark up the cost on their bottled soft drinks! I appreciate that they have a business to run, but i think charging £3.50 for a bottle of lemonade is seriously over the top!
That said, our lunch cost £17 and we both left feeling well fed and watered. So much so that we didn't have room to squeeze in any of the delicious home baking that we passed on the way out. Next time I'm in the area I'll be swinging by for a coffee and cake, there's a rhubarb and custard tart with my name on it!
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