Monday, 20 May 2013

Craft Beer Review - Caesar Augustus, Williams Bros. Brewing Co.

Over the last few weeks, Gerry's Kitchen has been sampling different craft beers from across this fine land. Williams Bros Brewing Co are widely regarded as one of Scotland's largest independent brewers of craft beers and are perhaps best known for the ancient and legendary Scottish Heather Ale back on the shelves. In addition to this flagline beer, the guys at Williams have a fine stable of supposing beers that I have been working my way through.
This week I picked up a bottle of Caesar Augustus, my attention gained by the 'Lager/IPA Hybrid' tagline that was emblazoned across the label. Over the last few months I have enjoyed a number of quality India Pale Ales so I was keen to see how this hybrid worked out.
Williams Bros. initially use a cold fermentation process using classic lager yeast and malt which is then stored for four weeks before adding the hops creating the hybrid.

The beer is very pale in colour, straw gold is probably the best description and pours with a light creamy head which disappears quickly. The glass has plenty of floral notes on the nose but but a slight honey aroma pushing though, resulting in an eagerness to put the glass to my lips.
The Caesar Augustus is very refreshing, like a lager should be. Sharp, crisp, and zesty flavours are recognised straight away but soon subside to be replaced by a nice bitterness from the hops, leaving the mouth with a dry finish.
The guys at Williams Bros Brewing Co claim that this lager/IPA hybrid is a revolution in refreshment and flavour, promoting the crisp notes of the finest lager with the discrete bitter finish of a well balanced IPA.
I think they might be right! I enjoyed this beer immensely, in fact I'm becoming a big fan of the blonde beers from Williams Bros Brewing company having tried Harvest Sun, Scottish Joker IPA, Birds & Bees, Scottish Session, and the wonderfully named 7 Giraffes.
The roman emperor Augustus served a four decade long age of peace and prosperity, I'm wondering if the Caesar was serving up this eponymously named beer on tap as a means to keeping the natives far from restless?
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