Saturday, 15 June 2013

Well Done Waitrose!

One of the reasons that I started writing Gerry's Kitchen was to show people that putting together a tasty meal isn't too difficult. Of course, it helps if people are interested in making sure that they eat healthily with fresh produce.
I ready a story today in the latest issue of Foodies magazine that my local Waitrose store in Newton Mearns will be working with four local schools on an initiative to encourage children to grow their own produce and then sell it to Waitrose customers.
I think this is a fantastic idea! It's well documented that we have some serious issues in the UK in regards to our diet and that child obesity rates are rising, so surely getting kids interested in where their food comes from at an early age can only be a good thing.
There is a more details story on the Scotland Food & Drink website here.
I wonder if any parents of any of the children involved follow Gerry's Kitchen? If so. I would be keen to hear your thoughts and any feedback on what the kids are learning about eating well, as well any entrepreneurial skills that they might be picking up too.


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