Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Beers of the World Cup - #3 Brazil, Amazon Beers Cerveja Forest Fruit Bacuri

Tonight the FIFA World Cup 2014 host nations, Brazil, are playing Mexico in the second of their three group games. In anticipation for tonight's match, I had craft beers for both nations chilling in the fridge although I was undecided on which nation's beer I would sample when I arrived home.
I decided to throw my support behind Brazil and cracked open a chilled bottle of Cerveja Forest Bacuri from Amazon Beer, a microbrewery based in the Docks Station complex in Belém do Pará in the north of the country.
If truth be known, the only Brazilian beer that I could think of was Brahma which is a beer that I really do not like. Resigned to the fact that I might need to force myself to guzzle a bottle for the sake of the #beersoftheworldcup challenge! I was overjoyed when the helpful staff at The Cave on Glasgow's Great Western Road recommended that I try a Brazilian lager that they had recently begun to stock.
Amazon Beer produce a number of lagers, stouts and wheat beers from their microbrewery in northern Brazil. In addition to these recognised beer styles, they also produce a pilsner style beer that is infused with the bacuri fruit which is a fruit native to the Amazon Rainforest. Bacuri fruit is a pulpy fruit with a very sweet yet slightly acidic taste and is in high demands around the markets of Belém where it is used in the preparation of jams, sweets and cakes.
This pilsner style lager pours with a very thin head that disappears rather quickly but has good carbonation so the drink still shows signs of life in the glass. The bacuri fruit gives the beer a very definite citrusy aroma, more lime scents than lemon. As for the taste, I found Forest Fruit Bacuri to be very pleasant, with similarities to a good old fashioned glass of lager and lime - a perfect session beer for a hot Summer's day. On its own it is very fresh with a strong bitters finish, but when drank alongside the pesto pasta that I had for dinner last night, the beer worked wonderfully with the malty flavours of the beer shouting for my attention.
It's safe to say that I have now found my new favourite Brazilian beer and look forward to enjoying a few more bottles of Cerveja Forest Fruit Bacuri before the FIFA World Cup comes to a close in the coming weeks.
Keep up to date with my progress on Twitter as I try to complete my challenge and you can also let me know which Brazilian beers you would pick, using the hashtag #beersoftheworldcup


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