Sunday, 29 June 2014

Beers of the World Cup - #8 Mexico - Cerveceria Mexicana Dia de Los Muertes, 'Death Rides a Pale Horse', Blonde Ale

Mexico crashed out of the FIFA World Cup Quarter Finals earlier tonight as a result of two late goals from the Netherlands. As I work my way through my #beersoftheworldcup challenge, it seems rather fitting that the Mexican beer that I had selected was 'Death Rides a Pale Horse' Blonde Ale from Cerveceria Mexicana. Was the pale horse in question a certain Arjen Robben?
The Cerveceria Mexicana Brewery the third largest brewery in Mexico is based in the town of Tecate, Mexico just 100 yards from the US Border and produce the Dia de Los Muertes speciality craft beers, as well as the more popular Cerveza Mexicali beer.
For 3000 Years the Aztecs honored the deceased in annual celebration, Day of the Dead Craft beer is produced to celebrate those traditions with care given to its individual flavors and packaging. There are six beers in the range, all carrying imaginative names and distinctive artwork supplied by local artists.

Most Mexican beers are American style ales and 'Death Rides a Pale Horse' is no different. The Blonde Ale pours with a clean golden colour and a tight foamy head. A medium carbonation means that the head sticks around until for the length of the drink. There isn't much aroma from the glass other than a slight sweetness. The sweetness carries into the taste with a little malt flavour pulling through as well giving a clean rounded finish. I imagine that on a hot day, the Blonde Ale would go go down very easily.
As Mexican beers go, the Dia de Los Muertes 'Death Rides a Pale Horse' Blonde Ale is certainly drinkable and in my honest opinion, I actually preferred it to the usual Mexican suspects.
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