Sunday, 15 June 2014

Beers of the World Cup - #1 Belgium, Bocq Brewery Blanche de Namur

As you may be aware, I have given myself a challenge to try to drink a beer from each of the thirty-two competing nations. Some of the countries will be very difficult to source whilst some will be very easy. For the countries where I am able to find beers without too much trouble, I have decided to select a beer that I have not tried before now.
Last Friday afternoon I took a trip to Glasgow's West End with the hope that I could make a big dent into my list. As it turned out, I managed to come home with beer from eleven countries, with seven of them being picked up in specialist beer retailer, The Cave on Great Western Road.
There are no shortage of quality beers from Belgium, but in the end I opted for a bottle of Blanche de Namur from the Bocq Brewery in the Condroz region of Begium.
The Bocq Brewery was set up in 1858 by Martin Belot and is still 100% family owned and one of the last traditional breweries in Belgium.
This award winning wheat beer is named in memory of the beauty, sweetness and delicacy of Blanche de Namur, a former Queen of Norway, Sweden & Scania.
Blond in colour with a cloudy appearance, the beer pours with a tight head that sits happily atop the drink as you work your way down the glass. There is a noticeable aroma of coriander and bitter orange, scents that are familiar in other Belgian wheat beers, giving the Blanche de Namur a fresh fruity nose. It is recommended that this beer is drunk alongside red meats or highly seasoned white meat dishes but I found it a very easy drinking beer on its own. I'm a big fan of Belgian wheat beers and really enjoyed my first offering from the Bocq Brewery, this will definitely be a beer that I will be drinking more of after the World Cup has finished.
So there you have it, one down with thirty-one to go. Keep up to date with my progress on Twitter as I try to complete my challenge and you can also let me know which Belgian beers you would pick, using the hashtag #beersoftheworldcup


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