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Product Review - Infusions Salmon Fillets from Harbour Salmon

Last weekend thousands of visits made their way to Edinburgh to visit The Royal Highland Show. Myself and Nicola also made the trip Ingleston Park with Gerry's Kitchen attending the show in a official press capacity. Look out for a more detailed report about the huge range of food and drink producers that we managed to catch up with on the day.
By the end of the day we had purchased lots of bits and pieces including fresh honeycomb, craft beers, steak pies and artisan breads. On top of this, both myself and Nicola had tasted our way through a mixed bag of sweet and savoury samples with the highlight of Nicola's day being a huge mint choc-chip ice cream cone courtesy of the kind people at Rizza's of Huntly.
After introducing myself to the staff at the Harbour Salmon stand, I was offered a few product samples to try out and give and some feedback on.
Working with Freedom Foods (part of the RSPCA), Harbour Salmon run their own salmon farms where they take great care that their fish eat properly and get plenty of exercise. This makes sure that the salmon are grown to the best possible welfare standards, before they become part of the tasty Harbour Salmon range.
With the FIFA World Cup in full swing, it was fitting that we were given a pack of Infusions Salmon Fillets with the new Brazilian Moquaca marinade. Moquaca is a traditional fish stew from Bahia in the northwest of Brazil made using coconut milk, tomatoes, onions, garlic, coriander and palm oil. The Infusions also come in two other flavours - Red Thai, and Ginger, Chilli & Lime.
The pack contains two good sized boneless salmon fillets that are vacuum packed along with a blend of herbs and spices. I'm always on the lookout for easy to cook dinners that Nicola is able to make when I work my late night, and with the Infusions, I think I've definitely found something that can be added to the easy cook list. The salmon can be cooked in the oven or easier still, simply pop into the microwave and after a few minutes the fish will cook perfectly in its own steam.
Just three minutes on the microwave and I had almost perfectly cooked fillets of wonderfully seasoned salmon. I say almost a the calinpbration on my microwave might be a little out as the fish had dried out slightly at either end but that just means that I need to take a few seconds off of the cooking time.
With some buttered Jersey Royals, tender stem broccoli and bream beans, the Brazilian Moqueca marinade salmon fillet made apfor a deliciously light evening meal. The marinade had given the fish a taste that was unlike anything that I'd eaten previously with a nice balance of herbs working with the slightly sweet salmon.
I don't normally buy salmon as Nicola isn't a massive fan of salmon fillets. She loves smoked salmon but after eating more than her share of salmon fillets when it was far too trendy back in the nineties, she wouldn't thank you should you serve up a salmon fillet dish. After sampling the Harbour Salmon Infusions, her opinion on a Salmon fillets has definitely moved to a more favourable place. We both really enjoyed dinner last night and had my microwave not slightly overcooked the fish, in sure that our meal would have been even better.
Harbour Salmon products are available from branches of Co-operative and Aldi across the UK but if your struggle ing to get your hands on your own tasty salmon, get in touch with the team at Harbour Salmon and they will do their best to charm local stockist near you.
I would like to say that although we were given the samples of Harbour Salmon Infusions free of charge, the review above is an honest opinion on how much we enjoyed the product. Rest assured, I would happily add Harbour Salmon products onto my shopping list in the future.

                                                                                                                       Written by Gerry HaughianWritten by Gerry Haughian

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