Friday, 11 July 2014


Bob Bob Ricard, the iconic Soho restaurant, has undergone a £3 million investment to create an extraordinary new dining space - the 74-seater Club Room located on the lower ground floor.

The Club Room is meticulously executed and faithful to the original David Collins design. It features the famous Bob Bob Ricard luxury booths tiered around a small atrium with mahogany- inlaid backgammon floor that becomes the centre of life and activity for the room.

The decadent décor is accentuated by red-and-gold leather banquettes, burgundy marble tables, bespoke Ikat wallpaper and hand crafted copper metalwork. There is also the notorious “Press for Champagne” button on every table.

The Club Room is open only in the evenings for ‘lively dining, music and champagne’ - sometimes with a little entertainment - and offers the full restaurant menu and wine list.

The Club Room adds an exciting new dimension to the original Bob Bob Ricard Restaurant, which has steadily grown in popularity amongst London’s smartest diners.

The restaurant, which is consistently ranked by Zagat among the top five dining room interiors in London, serves a luxury English and Russian menu to an eclectic clientele in London’s most glamorous all-booth dining room.

Bob Bob Ricard is well known for popping corks on large quantities of fine wines and vintage champagnes due, in part, to a keen wine pricing policy. It pours more Chateau d’Yquem than any other establishment in the UK.
Commented owner Leonid Shutov: “At the Club Room we want to offer the class and sophistication of old school dining clubs like Annabel’s but without the need for membership.”

“We aim at customers who wish to have a lively night out without having to compromise on the quality of food, wine or service. It is a very grown-up club.”

“Acoustics are paramount. Our guests want to easily carry on a conversation around the table, so no expense was spared to ensure they can be heard over the music without raising their voice - even with the night in full swing.”

”We want the Club Room to become London’s ultimate destination for lively dining, music and champagne.”

“Bob Bob Ricard is a stand-alone restaurant and not a part of a larger group. We’re quite hands on and we’re quite old-school, so everything we do has a certain eccentricity to it and is different from what you can find elsewhere.”

Now is your chance to check out the work that has been done AND pick up a discount on your food bill.

The Club Room is undergoing a soft opening until the end of July. 25% discount is offered off all food throughout that period. For tables of 4 please contact main reception. For tables of 6 or 8 please email

Club Room hours are Monday to Saturday, 7pm to 1am. Closed Sunday.

Tables of 4, 6 and 8 are available.
The Club Room will enforce an upscale dress code.
No guests under 18 will be admitted.

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