Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Product Review - Stivy's The Original Cider

A few weeks ago I was kindly sent a couple of bottle of flavoured cider from the people behind Stivy's Vodka Liqueur to sample. Although I have heard of the Stivy's brand, I have never tasted their flavoured vodka liqueur to date. With cider popularity continuing to rise, the flavoured ciders give Stivy's something to offer their target market of 18-25 year olds. (Which I am definitely not part of these days)
The 500ml bottles carry distinctive labelling and the Stivy's logo in clear sight, making sure to capitalise on a brand that is well known in the target market age groups. The ciders are currently available in Asda stores across Scotland with plans to roll out the new products quickly to other retails in the on and off licence trades.
Stivy's flavoured ciders are designed to be enjoyed over ice on a hot summers day and as we see to be having a bit of a heat wave just now, I decided to crack open the Kola Fruits flavour cider when I got home from work tonight.
I assumed that this cider would bring back memories of Kola Kubes from my childhood and I wasn't disappointed as the playground smells of Kola Kubes were easy to identify. Unfortunately, that's where my enjoyment ended as the cider was ridiculously sweet to taste with a bitter aftertaste. I know that I don't fall into the target market of the Stivy's brand but I can't imagine the Kola Fruits cider being a huge hit with the intended younger demographic.
On a plus note though, Nicola had the Cherry Berry flavour cider a couple of weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed it! (she doesn't fall into the target market age group either) The cider had a very clear cherry tang, with notes of berries in the background. We both love cherry flavoured drinks and the Stivy's Cherry Berry certainly delivers the goods here.
So there to you have it, one good - one not so good. I don't image that the good people at Stivy's will shed too many tears at my lack of endorsement as I'm sure that there are plenty of new younger drinkers out there that will have found a new refreshing drink for the summer months.
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