Sunday, 13 July 2014

Recipe - The Shrimper, courtesy of Cafe Football, Westfield, London

With the World Cup coming to a conclusion later this evening, Cafe FootballGary Neville & Ryan Giggs’ restaurant located in London's Westfield shopping centre - has the perfect dishes to make any footie party or sunny BBQ score the winning result.
I was recently sent three easy to prepare dishes from the Café Football menu - designed by its creative director, two Michelin star chef, Michael Wignall and executive chef, Brendan Flydes, that will certainly keep energy and spirits high while watching the game, day or night.
As we were having a quiet night on last night, I decided to make an attemp at The Shrimper, a fancy prawn cocktail starter.

THE SHRIMPER (serves 4)
  • 600g cooked peels king prawns
  • 400g iceberg lettuce (although baby gem works well too)
  • 1 ripe avocado
  • 200g Marie-Rose sauce
  • 4 Lemons
  • 20 chervil leaves
  • 20 tarragon leaves
Marie-Rose Sauce
  • 200g mayonnaise
  • 50g tomato ketchup
  • pinch of cayenne pepper
  • 2 drops of Worcestershire sauce
  • 10ml brandy
•Wash the iceberg lettuce and drain
•Chop the lettuce into 1cm cubes
•Mix all the ingredients of the Marie-rose
•Chop the tarragon and chervil leaves
•Cut the avocado into 5mm cubes
•Mix everything together and garnish with tarragon and chervil on top
•Place in a glass bowl and serve with a lemon wedge
I love a good prawn cocktail and this jazzed up version was delicious. I struggled to get chervil at my local supermarket so made do without but did enjoy the slight aniseed flavour that the tarragon added to the Marie-Rose sauce.
After the success of this quick ten minute prawn cocktail recipe, I will definitely make an attempt at the other recipes that Tangerine PR sent to me. Look out soon for the Cafe Football roast chicken tagliatelle and jaffa cake recipes.
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