Thursday, 5 February 2015

Are You a Carnivalentine?

In Brazil Valentine's Day is called the Dia dos Namorados or Day of the Enamoured and is spent with loved ones, both friends and family. Because February is usually Carnival time, the Dia dos Namorados takes place on the 12th June. Brazilians love an excuse to party and the day is an opportunity for everyone to get together for a grand dinner. It's also known as 'girlfriends and boyfriends day.

And from 13th – 18th February the biggest party on Earth takes place in Rio de Janeiro so to celebrate, head on into your nearest Las Iguanas over Carnival weekend and you can try their Limited Edition Carnival Kitsch cocktail. #showmethecarnival

Carry on the Carnival…For the little ones carnival continues with Kids Eat Free from 14th – 22nd February with carnival masks to decorate.

Las Iguanas support a brilliant charity called the LATA Foundation and our contributions from the kid's menu go towards a ballet school for disadvantaged under-12's called Projeto Vidancar in one of Rio de Janeiro's largest favelas. They've been to visit the kids in Brazil and see the great work that Ellen and the team there are doing in growing the project to allow many more activities for even more children. In 2014 they were able to help the Project to move to larger premises with much better facilities and continue to support them this year.






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