Friday, 3 April 2015

Chocolate Easter Eggs from St. Enoch Centre

It's Easter weekend and come Sunday morning kids and grown-ups alike will be tucking into chocolate Easter eggs. With so many different priced Easter eggs out there, it can be difficult to decide on which egg to buy. To help me decide, St. Enoch Centre kindly sent me a few chocolate eggs from some of the retails from within their shopping centre. I would normally wait until Easter morning before I cracked open my own eggs but in the name of research, I decided to break my own rules and set out testing the three eggs.
First up was the large Cadbury Dairy Milk from Tesco, (£6 - nett weight 310g)
Inside the box was a large hollow chocolate egg wrapped in Cadbury branded gold foil and three regular sized bars of chocolate Dairy Milk. I love Cadbury chocolate normally and have always found the chocolate on their Easter eggs to taste even better. I have always felt that Easter Eggs are overpriced for the price point that they hold on the retailers shelves and I'm sure that my opinion will never be changed. Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed the Cadbury egg, I don't think it offers the best value for £6.
Next up was the Dark, Milk & White Masterpieces chocolate egg from Thorntons. (£15 - nett weight 275g)
The egg is presented on a plastic tray and surrounded by a selection of dark, milk and white chocolates. Myself and Nicola like Thorntons fancy chocolates and flavoured truffles but have always felt that their chocolate doesn't taste that great on its own and our opinions hasn't changed. The assorted chocolates tasted great, just as we expect from Thorntons but the egg shell was very poor in contrast to the Cadbury egg. In fact for what is apparently a higher end chocolate, the Thorntons egg was a bit of a let down, and certainly not worth the £15 price point, in my opinion.
The last Easter Egg to get cracked open was the Rocky Road to Caramel egg from Hotel Chocolat. (£27 - nett weight 510g)
High end chocolatier Hotel Chocolat pulls out all the stops with this fantastically presented egg. Inside the hatbox, two flavoured shell halves are wrapped in the thickest gold foil and stuffed with twelve indivually crafted chocolates. Talk about thick chocolate? The shell was about 1cm thick milk chocolate with one half coated in a thin outer shell of caramel flavoured chocolate, and the other half coated in a rocky road inspired coating of puffed rice and cookies. Each half of the shell were deliciously rich and due to the higher cocoa content it meant that we have had to enjoy this egg over a few sittings. As for the individual chocolates, we have only had the salted caramel praline square so far which was single handedly the best example of salted caramel that we have tasted. At £27 the Hotel Chocolat egg is way more than I would ever pay for an Easter Egg but in an odd way, I do think that this egg is almost worthy of the price.
So three Easter Eggs at three very different price points and if I had to choose my favourite, it would be the most expensive of the three - The Hotel Chocolat egg looked stunning and tasted fantastic. However if I had £27 to spend on Easter Eggs, I would probably buy a couple of the Cadbury eggs and pocket the change.
I would like to thank St. Enoch Centre for sending me these eggs to try out and helping me get in the Easter mood.


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