Saturday, 16 May 2015

Nocking Point Wine - UK Launch Party

This weekend, Birmingham will be the safest city on the planet as the Hilton Birmingham Metropole plays host to the City of Heroes convention. DC Comics stars from TV shows Arrow, The Flash and Gotham will decend on the hotel to meet and greet their fans.
Stephen Amell, the actor who plays The Arrow, is making good use of his time in the UK as he hosts a launch party for the wine label that he owns with friend and business partner Andrew Harding. Nocking Point Wine is a relatively new wine producer and operate out of the Walla Walla Valley in Washington State, USA. Nocking Point Wine is sold exclusively through an already fully subscribed wine club and carries artwork created by legendary DC Comics illustrator, Jim Lee.
Nicola is a huge fan of Arrow and Stephen so as soon as she found out about the launch party, she had to go, and as I always seem to be dragging Nicola to various food events, it seemed fair that we go and do something that she wanted to do.
Everyone who attend the party at Birmingham's Old Stock Joint can look forward to a great night including;
  • Spend the evening with Stephen, Andrew, a handful of their pals, (as Stephen has been at City Of Heroes all weekend with his TV friends, we are hopeful that we might get to meet more than one superhero) and a room full of new Nocking Point friends!
  • Take home a custom "Nocking Point Comes to the UK" commemorative wine glass.
  • Taste all of NP’s newest wines: Apex 2.0, Verdant House Wine, Year Two: New Bow, Wicked Aim, MAJA, KDH, and their 2009 Merlot. Enjoy other wines, cocktails, beers, wonderful canapes, small plates and desserts provided by the NP team.
  • Enjoy awesome live music all evening long and have an overall one-of-a-kind wine party experience with Stephen, Andrew and a great group of their fellow NP supporters!
  • Bid to WIN extremely cool silent auction & raffle items with all proceeds going to benefit a cause they love. There will also be some AWESOME collectibles there!
So roll on Sunday and our trip to Birmingham. Hopefully, I'll come back with more information about the wines that Stephen and Andrew produce and members even a new superhero recruit for 5 Questions.



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