Sunday, 28 June 2015

30 Second Beer Review - Happy Chappy by Cromarty Brewing Co,

As I work my way through my Beer Bottle Cap Challenge, I'm getting to taste some pretty good beers (& some not so good) from all over the world . It's only right that I try to review some of those beers along the way. Budget supermarket Aldi have been a huge help in my quest with their Summer Beer Festival. Their shelves carry a fantastic range of craft beers from the UK as well as from elswhere across the globe, and on my last visit I picked up a bottle of beer from Cromarty Brewing Co. I'd tasted Happy Chappy before and recall liking its fresh flavours so was looking forward to it trying again.
Happy Chappy (ABV 4.1%) from Cromarty Brewing Co.
  • Bought from Aldi for £1.49
  • Pours with a foamy head that reduces quickly
  • Deep golden/orange colour
  • Notes of orange peel and gratefruit - not huge but noticeable
  • Medium carbonation
  • Light but not watery, bitter bite that is cleansed by the grapefruit and orange. Malted oats give a bittersweet finish. Easy drinking session beer.
I enjoyed Happy Chappy but not as much as the first time that I tasted it. I can only assume that as I have been drinking some big hitting IPA's over the recent month, my tastebuds are craving more from my beers now. That said, I'm sure that if I were sitting in the garden with the barbecue coals smouldering away, then Happy Chappy would be a welcome addition to the party.



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