Tuesday, 21 July 2015

30 Second Beer Review - Long White Cloud by Tempest Brewing Co.

There's no shortage of great brewers these day and thanks to Aldi's Summer Beer Festival, it is now a lot easier to get your hands on craft beers that you would struggle to find otherwise.
On my last visit to the budget supermarket I spotted bottles from another brewer that I hadn't had the chance to sample yet. Tempest Brewing Co from the Scottish Borders have signed a six month deal to have their bottles on the shelves of Aldi and as a result have seen a massive uptake on their beers. In fact, the Long White Cloud sold over 1700 bottles in its first two weeks on display, but the beer gods were smiling on me as I managed to get a bottle for myself.
Long White Cloud (5.6% ABV) from Tempest Brewing Co
  • Bought at Aldi for £1.49
  • Pours with a foamy head that sticks to the glass as you drink it.
  • Medium carbonation.
  • Dark copper in colour. I expected it to be cloudier but it only had a little haziness.
  • Notes of pine are evident but are fighting for attention alongside tropical fruit and citrus notes.
  • To taste, the beer starts off with citrus notes coming through before the bitterness of the hops turn up to dry the palate. I also detected slight caramel flavours too that help to give the beer a crisp bittersweet finish.
I really enjoyed Tempest Brewing Co's take on an American Pale Ale and as I reached the bottom of the glass I wished that I had picked up a few more bottles from the range. Oh well, I'll just need to make another trip back to Aldi.


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