Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Product Review - Gordon Castle Gin

So summer has eventually decided to turn up and spend a little time with us. When the sun is out I do enjoy soaking up some rays whilst supping on an ice cold beer but some of the big IPA's that I have been drinking are to strongly flavoured to work well in the heat which means that I need to find a new Summer drink.
Fortunately the beverage market has plenty of drinks that work wonders to quench the thirst on a hot day. Gin has always been a drink that soars in popularity during the summer months, either as a base for cocktails or as the star in a refreshing G&T.
The gin market is booming right now as more and more artisan distillers work tirelessly to carve out their own space on the crowded shelf by putting their twist on 'mothers ruin'.
I recently wrote about the success of newly launched Gordon Castle Gin scooping gold at this year's San Fransisco World Spirits Award so I was delighted to be sent a sample of the world's best gin to try myself.
The branding of Gordon Castle Gin is very eye-catching in its solid square glass bottle. The imagery on the inside back wall of the bottle depicts some of the botanicals that are used to produce the award winning gin. Those very same botanicals, including lavender and garden mint are also grown and picked from within the walled garden at Gordon Castle in Moray.... How's that for provenance?
The miniature bottle that I was sent didn't really carry the brand message of its bigger brother but that didn't stop the contents of the bottle doing their best to shout for my attention.
I decided to sample my gin by serving up a gin and tonic over ice so that I could compare against the other gins that I have tasted in recent times. It is recommended that Gordon Castle Gin is garnished with lemon or lime and a sprig of mint but as I had no mint at home, I had to make do with a few wedges of freshly squeezed lime. The gin is really clean to taste, in fact I could easily drink the Gordon Castle neat as it has very little burn, the garden mint leaving the mouth feeling oddly fresh. It tastes much lighter than some of the big brands and I needed less of my normal mixer in order to get my perfect serve. Looking back, maybe the strong tasting Indian Tonic from Schweppes was just too big a flavour for the subtleness of Gordon Castle Gin. Next time I'll mix with Fever Tree or Fentimans mixers for a more evenly balanced G&T where the gin is the star of the show.
So sum up, I thoroughly enjoyed Gordon Castle Gin and can see me drinking it in the future. The 70cl bottle retails for £32.99 and can be purchased from selected stockists or online here.


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