Thursday, 29 October 2015

30 Second Beer Review - Radical Road By Stewart Brewing

I recently took advantage of a starter offer with online beer retailer,, who run a craft beer home delivery subscription service. Once signed up, members receive a box of random craft beers each month from a massive range of brewers from across the country. One of the great things about the Flavourly concept is that it's a great way to discover new beers and Brewers, in fact my starter box contained eight beers from five different breweries. Two of the beers came from Stewart's Brewing, and independent brewery that has been operating for just over ten years from their Edinburgh brew house. I'd tried one or two of their beers before but the Radical Road triple hopped IPA was a new one to me.
Radical Road Triple Hopped IPA (6.4% ABV) by Stewart Brewing.
  • Bought from for £2.35
  • Pours with a large foamy head that laced the glass nicely
  • Dark amber colour that settles with a slight haziness
  • Low to mid carbonation making it very easy to drink
  • Lots going on in the nose with toasted malts and a sweet orange notes fighting for attention
I really liked this offering from Stewart's Brewing as it had all the flavours that float my boat. It had an initial sweetness that was quickly replaced with orange and apricot flavours before finishing with a bit finish. Three different hops are added to the kettle at five different stages of the boil. The beer is then hopped in the fermentation vessel before being dry hopped in the conditioning tank before bottling, but despite this heavy use of hops, I found Radical Road to be a very easy drinking session beer although I'm not sure how long the session would be with the beer packing 6.4% ABV.



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