Thursday, 24 March 2016

Michelin Star Restaurant Martin Wishart embraces craft beer with Lerwick Brewery

Restaurant Martin Wishart on the Shore, Leith, recognises the importance of beer and food pairing and as a result has added craft beer ‘Lerwick IPA’ by Lerwick Brewery to their menu this month. The Restaurant was opened by Martin Wishart in 1999 and gained its much coveted Michelin Star in 2001, to which it has kept a tight grasp ever since. It specialises in re-creating exquisite French dishes using the highest quality Scottish produce. Martin Wishart has a close affiliation with Shetland - both his parents hail from the islands - and he used to go on holiday there as a child so having a Shetland brewed beer compliments his changing menus naturally.

Patrick Cooper, Head Sommelier at Restaurant Martin Wishart said “Lerwick IPA is an interesting IPA style with a strong emphasis on the malts as well as the fruity hops. The result is a well-balanced, IPA that isn’t too over-powering and as a result goes nicely with a variety of different dishes we serve”

Isla Mercer of Lerwick Brewery said “We’re delighted that Restaurant Martin Wishart has decided to include our beers and are very honoured to feature in a Michelin Star restaurant. We are big advocates of beer and food pairing, providing in depth pairing notes and recipe ideas on our website and we believe beer can be just as good an accompaniment to food as wine is – if not better!”

Lerwick brewery currently have four bottled beers in their range, with plans to introduce more in 2016. In addition to Lerwick IPA, they also make:
• 60° North Lager, a classic accompaniment to curries and also seafood, in particular, Shetland mussels
• Skipper’s Ticket Pale Ale, pairing well with classic Sunday roasts and other gravy based dishes
• Tushkar Oatmeal Stout whose rich coffee and cocoa notes compliment desserts, in particular chocolate gateaux or tiramisu.

Restaurant Martin Wishart is paving the way for the future with more and more restaurants expected to include a wider variety of beers in their drinks offering as the popularity of specialty beer continues to grow.

Contact: Isla Mercer

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