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MALAYSIA : Recipes from a Family Kitchen, by Ping Coombes

Malaysia Recipes from a family kitchen, Ping CoombesPublished by Orion in May 2016 in hardback at £25, eBook £12.99
Malaysian food has long been the hidden jewel of South-east Asian cookery – it’s a fusion of the Chinese, Malay and Indian cultures that make up Malaysia itself. In her debut book Malaysia: Recipes from a Family Kitchen, Ping Coombes shares all the secrets and delights of this extraordinary cuisine.

Drawing inspiration from her mother and from the late-night stalls and street markets in her hometown of Ipoh, Ping has put together over 100 delicious recipes that serve as a perfect introduction to the tastes and textures of Malaysian cooking. Chilli crab and caramel pork, spicy laksas and rendangs, satays and tangy sambals: these classic dishes are intensely satisfying to make, share and devour!

Welcome to Ping’s family table – and as Ping’s mother would say, ‘sek fan la!’: come and eat!

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About the Author

Shooed out of the kitchen by her mum as a child, Ping Coombes only began cooking when she came to the UK for university, and she applied to go on MasterChef just after being made redundant. Crowned champion in 2014, Ping has returned to MasterChef as a guest judge and has become a global ambassador for Malaysian food – she has even addressed the World Economic Forum at Davos. When she’s not whipping up batches of steaming-hot noodles and baos at food festivals around the world, Ping can be found at home in Bath with her husband Andrew and her daughter Alexa.

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