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Beers of Euro 2016 - #2 Romania, Timisoreana, Ursus Breweries

#beersofeuro2016, Romanian beers, beer review, Timisoreana
Next up in my #beersofeuro2016 campaign is Romania. I've never been to Romania and I know very little about their beers. Fortunately, the Internet is a wonderful thing and after a few minutes of Googling, I managed to source a bottle of beer for the challenge as well as gain a little background on the chosen beer.
#beersofeuro2016, Romanian beers, beer review, Timisoreana
Romania have been draw in Group A of Euro2016 alongside host nation France, Albania and Switzerland.
#beersofeuro2016, Romanian beers, beer review, Timisoreana
My chosen beer to represent Romania is Timisoreana Original which is brewed and bottled in the town of Timisoara, situated close to the Serbian border. Timisoreana is one of four brands owned by Ursus Breweries who in turn are a subsidiary of SABMiller. I purchased my bottle of beer from online beer merchant Beers of Europe for £2.29
Timisoreana original is a pale lager style beer with an ABV of 5%. The beer pours with a foamy head that dissipates quickly leaning a thin trace on the top of the drink. As your would expect from a pale lager, there's not a great deal of colour going on, almost a clear golden colour colour in the class. There's not much going on in the nose, an almost fake sweetness and not much else. It tastes better than it smells, with a malty bread taste in the mouth which is replaced with a mild bitter finish.
I'm not a huge fan of the mass produced generic lagers so Timisoreana Original didn't really do it for me. It tastes like a lot of other lager style beers without doing anything to differentiate itself from the others. It's not horrible but it's not something I will be revisiting.
Have you tried Timisoreana or any oth Romanian beers? If so, what were your thought?

Keep an eye on the rest of my challenge and feel free to share your own beers of Euro2016 on Twitter using the hashtag #beersofeuro2016



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