Wednesday, 30 November 2016

First Look - Brand New 'The Spanish Butcher' In Glasgow Opens Tomorrow

The Spanish Butcher, Glasgow restaurants, Rusk & Rusk

​Restaurant group Rusk & Rusk are set to open the doors to their latest venture this weekend, as The Spanish Butcher arrives at 80 Miller Street in Glasgow’s bustling Merchant City.

The Spanish Butcher, Glasgow restaurants, Rusk & Rusk

The independent operators, who own award-winning venues The Butchershop Bar & Grill and Hutchesons Bar & Brasserie, are about to deliver another cavalier concept to the cities burgeoning restaurant scene. The 80 cover venue will continue in the same vein as its sister restaurants, with premium meats high on the agenda, this time the focus being very much as the name suggests with Spanish meat & fish taking centre stage.

The Spanish Butcher, Glasgow restaurants, Rusk & Rusk

With Grade 9 Galician steak, 30 month salt-cured Iberico Jamon, whole Turbot and grilled octopus on the menu, along with some of the best home-grown produce from Scotland’s larder, the emphasis is firmly on delivering a unique interpretation of steak & seafood. Group Development Chef John Molloy said: “the menu is inspired by Spanish & Mediterranean flavours, but we’ve always been champions of great ingredients grown here in Scotland, so we’ve looked where possible to merge them with the best produce from Spain."

When asked the question of why Spanish cuisine was the way forward, co-owner James Rusk told us that “We’re renowned for using the very best of Scotch steak in our restaurants, so for us, this was opportunity to showcase our passion for world class beef by introducing steak from Spain’s Galician region. The unique difference between the two is the length of time the cattle are reared, Spanish cows are considerably older than ours, by over a decade, so the flavour profile is something else altogether, and it’s very exciting to be sharing that with the people of Glasgow”.

The Spanish Butcher, Glasgow restaurants, Rusk & Rusk

It’s more than just the food at The Spanish Butcher, co-owners James & Louise Rusk wanted to deliver a highly stylised decor, taking inspiration from New York’s dining scene, with the end result being a mature, Manhattan loft-style vibe to the venue. To pull the vision together, Rusk & Rusk engaged the services of renowned architects Mosaic, with lead-designer Stuart Black telling us "The brief was to design a city centre venue that felt like a destination, with a real energy and freshness about it. New York has a massive history and great design language, and we’ve aimed to capture that with this project."

The Spanish Butcher, Glasgow restaurants, Rusk & Rusk

For the two restauranteurs behind Rusk & Rusk, the challenge of their 3rd venue has been met with a stoic belief, that Louise Rusk describes as being; “restaurants, for us, are about evoking emotion and creating memories, people not only expect great food and service, we believe our customers want to experience great spaces, so it’s pivotal that our restaurants are designed with that in mind. Whilst the best quality produce and excellent customer service are crucial components, so too are the settings in-which they’re housed”.

Over 1,000 people have already made their reservations in the first two weeks since bookings at The Spanish Butcher were officially opened. There is plenty of anticipation about The Spanish Butcher’s arrival, and with a track record of delivering excellent dining destinations, it’s sure to be a strong addition the Glasgow restaurant scene.



New Restaurant is Fit for a Queen .... or a Saint

Kained Holdings, The Kelbourne Saint, Glasgow restaurant

Kained Holdings’ latest venture the Kelbourne Saint opens its doors on Queen Margaret Drive

The long wait is over as the transformation of the Crosslands pub on Queen Margaret Drive– a location made famous in Trainspotting – is complete.

The Kelbourne Saint, a bar and restaurant specialising in natural produce, is officially open for business from Thursday December 1 and will deliver something completely unique to Glasgow. And that’s not just the fact it features the same balcony where Begbie famously threw a pint glass from in the Irvine Welsh film.

The Queen Margaret Drive location is the latest unit to be launched by Kained Holdings, the team behind some of Scotland’s most popular bars and restaurants, including Lebowski’s, The Finnieston and Porter & Rye. The group has invested more than £500,000 in the project.Kained Holdings, The Kelbourne Saint, Glasgow restaurant

This new location will continue the team’s mission to “surprise and delight” with a customer-facing rotisserie featuring an array of wonders from herb-fed chicken to roast pineapple to suckling pig.

Kained Holdings MD Graham Suttle said: “The Glasgow restaurant scene is extremely competitive, that’s why we always strive to be as creative as possible and deliver something different from the norm.

“Drinking and dining at the Kelbourne Saint will be a change in style from our other restaurants but with the same commitment to ethically-sourced, sustainable produce.

“Our aim is to bring people together and enjoy our new menu, family style. Our chickens have had time to grow slowly and roam free on Scottish farms, meaning they have the time to develop the finest flavour and texture.

“Months of consultation went into everything from the food and drink, right down to the décor and service. First and foremost, we look to create venues that we would want to visit.

Kained Holdings, The Kelbourne Saint, Glasgow restaurant
“We think this is exactly what the surrounding community on Great Western Road is looking for and we’ve already been really well received. The site is an old Burgh Hall, so we’ve stripped everything right back and are pleased to reveal a fresh take on an incredible location.”
Customers will be immediately struck by a sky mural on the ceiling, designed and created by Bob McNamara, AKA RogueOne, one of the men behind the famous mural at the Clutha pub. The new venue will also feature WEST Brewery's first and only tank beer system which will serve Kained Holdings own-brand beer Apache Pilsner. The new system ensures a refreshing serve which brewery-fresh beer fed directly into the taps from the large tanks.
The menu also includes a selection of tasty sides which can be enjoyed individually or in family-sized portions including maple rotisserie parsnips, buttermilk mash potatoes and harissa spiced green beans.
The Kelbourne Saint is designed to be a place for the local community and families to enjoy and features a children’s play area where families can spend time together enjoying the food, whilst the children play.
The venue boasts an SLTN Award nominated outdoor area with a capacity of 80 that can be enjoyed all year round with heated outdoor huts perfect for all-weather use. During the festive season, Kelbourne Saint will be selling Christmas trees to locals from the garden, whilst there are also plans for this area of the venue to become home to a small farmer's market featuring local and seasonal Scottish produce and regular market stalls from local suppliers and businesses.
The arrival of the new venue sees the creation of 20 new jobs, bringing Kained Holdings’ roll above 170.
The Kelbourne Saint is Kained Holdings’ eighth venue across the central belt and 2017 will be the company’s tenth year in business. The opening of two further venues in Finnieston is imminent, including a not-for-profit deli that will train and hire people from disadvantaged backgrounds. The group was recently named independent multiple operator of the year at the 2016 SLTN awards.

New Rum Adds A Celtic Spin To Caribbean Classic

Rum, Scottish rum, white rum, Seawolf White Rum

Whether it’s a daiquiri or mojito, the taste of rum typically sends drinkers to sunnier, exotic climes. Now – in a first for Scotland – an addition to the rum scene promises to inject the spirit of Scotland to this Caribbean cocktail staple.

SeaWolf - the first white rum to be distilled on Scottish soil – is set to launch on 1st December 2016. It has been created by Mike Aikman and Jason Scott, the brains behind Edinburgh bar Bramble – cited by Drinks International as one of the World’s 50 Best Bars – and Vino Wines’ co-founder, Gavin Ferguson, who have formed drinks innovation company, Boilermaker Drinks Co. It’s a bold move for the trio - one they hope will help make rum the UK’s next craft sector.

“Rum is a massive player in the cocktail world. However, when we started looking around for a British brand, we realised that very few brands are distilled here and so SeaWolf was born,” explains Aikman. “We feel that British rum is about to have its time in the spotlight and we aim to be at the forefront of this.”

Taking its name from the Native American term for killer whales, the name makes a subtle nod to both Britain’s naval links with rum importation but also the pods of sea wolves that are found dotted around the coastline today. 18-months in the making, it has a limited first run, with only 300 bottles being made available before the end of the year.

Made in Angus at Ogilvy Spirits, the fermentation of the cane molasses – the spirit’s base ingredient - is done at low temperature for four weeks using both rum and champagne yeast - which gives this drink its unusual flavour profile. Once poured, notes of unripe banana and sugar cane on the nose give way to tropical fruits on the palate with a faint citrus and spice finish.

“We decided that if we were going to make the first white rum distilled in Scotland, it would be one that would be proudly Scottish…good enough to work well straight and as a base for cocktails,” says Aikman. “It had to have character, flavour, mouthfeel and body which can be difficult with an unaged spirit but we think we’ve delivered on all aspects. SeaWolf is Boilermaker Drinks Co’s first project but we have aspirations to produce a stable of Scottish spirit products and eventually produce in our own distillery.”

SeaWolf will be on sale from 1st December 2016 at priced at £29.99 (500ml), ABV 41%

Please enjoy your rum responsibly



Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Pure Indulgence- 3 Irresistibly Good Christmas Cocktails From Feeney's Irish Cream

Feeney's Irish Cream Liqueur, Irish cream, Christmas cocktails

Why not indulge this Christmas with these irresistibly delicious cocktails from Feeney’s Irish Cream. As easy to make as they are to drink!

Feeney Tini - Enjoy the festive taste of Gingerbread in this warming, creamy tipple. The Feeney Tini combines rich and indulgent Feeney’s Irish cream with sweet gingerbread syrup and a punchy kick of Irish whiskey.

Feeney's Irish Cream Liqueur, Irish cream, Christmas cocktails

To make the Feeney Tini at home, you will need:

  • 50ml Double Cream
  • 10ml Gingerbread Syrup
  • 30ml Feeney's Irish Cream
  • 20ml Irish Whiskey (We recommend The Dublin Liberties Oak Devil)
  • ground nutmeg and ice
  • Add ice to the cocktail shaker, pour in the double cream, gingerbread syrup, Feeney's Irish Cream and whiskey. Shake and then strain into a glass, sprinkle with ground nutmeg.

Feeney’s Hot Chocolate - Hot in temperature and flavour, this boozy treat is sure to satisfy! Take your hot chocolate to the next level by adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Feeney's Irish Cream Liqueur, Irish cream, Christmas cocktails

To make the Feeney’s Hot Chocolate at home, you will need:

  • 2½ tsp chocolate powder
  • 50ml hot milk
  • 50ml Feeney's Irish Cream
  • 15ml vanilla syrup.
  • Add the chocolate powder to the hot milk and mix until the powder has dissolved. Add Feeney's Irish cream and vanilla syrup and pour into a long glass. Top with whipped cream, marshmallows and grated chocolate - chocolate heaven!

Feeney’s Salted Caramel Milkshake - Sweet, salty, boozy and so very creamy- this decadent milkshake has it all!

Feeney's Irish Cream Liqueur, Irish cream, Christmas cocktails

To make the Feeney’s Salted Caramel Milkshake at home, you will need:

  • 30ml Feeney’s Irish Cream
  • 20ml The Dubliner Irish Whiskey & Honeycomb Liqueur
  • 2½ scoops of vanilla ice-cream
  • A pinch of salt.
  • Using a blender add milk, ice cream, Feeney’s Irish Cream and The Dubliner Irish Whiskey & Honeycomb, add three ice cubes and blend. In a glass add crushed iced and pour in the milkshake. Top with a chocolate flake.

Feeney's is a smooth liqueur made with fresh Irish cream and 100% Irish whiskey. It is distilled in the heart of Ireland and matured for at least three years. It has a rich chocolate creaminess and is extremely indulgent.

Try something new this Christmas with Feeney's Irish Cream, available online at



Monday, 28 November 2016

Macabella - Cocoa & Macadamia Spread Launches in the UK

Macabella, chocolate spread, macadamia
Seldom does a packaged food truly taste like heaven, but the UK is just discovering Australia's 2016 Product of the Year for the Spreads category, thanks to the launch of Macabella Cocoa & Macadamia Spread into Sainsbury's. Your morning toast is about to get a whole lot more seductive as the mouth-watering product comes in a Cripunch and Velvet (smooth) option.
The first of its kind in the United Kingdom, Macabella is a macadamia nut infused cocoa spread made with quality ingredients. The creamy Belgian recipe delivers a cocoa blend that, when paired with the roasted macadamias, creates a premium taste.
Macabella features the highest percentage of nuts in the supermarket spreads category with a minimum 19.5% macadamias in every jar of the Macabella Crunch and 15% in the Velvet. The ingredients are a big draw to many consumers, with 45% citing the unique ingredients are what attracted them to Macabella the most (Source: Consumer Research, Australia 2015).
Macabella, chocolate spread, macadamia
Macabella Crunch was voted by over 14,000 Australian consumers as the winner of the Spreads Caregory in the Australian Product of the Year 2016, so it comes on excellent recommendation.
Jacqui Price, Group Marketing Manager says "We pride ourselves on creativity and innovative products that stand above our competition. We believe that not only only does the quality and flavour supersede other Spreads available on the market, but the inclusion of macadamias makes Macabella a unique product in the Spreads section."
With all the key ingredients sustainably sourced and guaranteed to be of premium quality, Macabella promises a luxury spread at an affordable.
Now you can look forward to spreading Macabella (aka the Casanova of spreads) onto croissants, crepes, fruit or breakfast toast. Or simply spoon it into your mouth straight from the jar. Because, who are we to judge?
RRP £3.00
Macabella Crunch and Velvet are available now from Sainsbury's stores throughout the United Kingdom.
For more information, visit or on Twitter @macabellaspread #SpreadTheSecret

Smoked Salmon & Beer Make Strange Bedfellows

Loch Fyne Oysters, Smoked salmon, Fyne Ales, This Gose, craft beer
As a lover of craft beer and smoked salmon, I was delighted when the good people at Loch Fyne Oysters sent me a parcel containing a pack of Classic Smoked Salmon and a couple of bottles of 'This Gose', a beer created by Fyne Ales as the perfect accompaniment to the smoked fish.

Loch Fyne Oysters, Smoked salmon, Fyne Ales, This Gose, craft beer

Loch Fyne Oysters, dedicated to providing the world with Scotland’s finest seafood, teamed up with Fyne Ales, the multi-award winning progressive brewery at Cairndow. The aim was to harness the unique symbiosis from which their produce draws flavour; the pure waters of Loch Fyne.

From humble beginnings back in 1978 selling oysters from a shed on the A83, Loch Fyne Oysters have grown to be known as one of the world's top suppliers of Scotland's fine seafood.

Fyne Ales have been brewing beer at their Argyll brewery since 2000 when husband and wife team, Johnny & Tuggy Delap realised a dream of bringing beer back to a part of the country where it was badly lacking. Over the years the company has grown, as has their range of award winning beers that are readily available in pubs and supermarkets across the country.

Loch Fyne Oysters, Smoked salmon, Fyne Ales, This Gose, craft beer
Last weekend, I decided to serve my smoked salmon and beer along with a selection of cheeses, hummus and pita bread. I've tasted Loch Fyne Smoked Salmon before and love it, the dry curing gives a really salty finish that suits my palate whilst the fish has a smoky depth of flavour that is a result of the 12 hour smoking process over retried whisky casks.
When we were in Belgium at the end of last year, we had been served a few different Gose style beers that had been selected to match the food we were eating. Some of those beers were too sour and salty for me to appreciate but Fyne Ales have created a beer that I could easily get on board with. The beer pours with a tight foamy head and a slightly cloudy complexion with notes of fresh citrus easy to identify on the nose. The beer is initially slightly salty to taste but subtle flavours of the lemongrass and coriander soon replace the salt, refreshing the palate and leaving a slight sour finish.
The fresh flavours stood up well to the bold characteristics of the smoked salmon making it a very easy beer to drink, although I reckon that I could easily enjoy This Gose whilst sitting in the back garden on a hot summer day too.
Fyne Ales say "this beer draws its inspiration from a traditional German farmhouse-style wheat beer, Gose. This is a sour beer, and true to style, this top—fermented beer has been brewed with salt and coriander. We’ve added some fragrant lemongrass too, resulting in a unique beer with light salinity and a zesty finish.

This accentuates the clean, fresh flavour profile of Loch Fyne Oysters’ salmon. As the only Farmhouse Brewery in Scotland, Fyne Ales are uniquely placed to produce this farmhouse beer. We hope you’ll agree that when it comes to pairing beer and salmon, 'This Gose'!"

So, not just a clever play on words but a cleverly brewed beer designed to accentuate the rich flavours of the smoked salmon. Normally I would be reaching for the champagne as the perfect match to my smoked salmon but after tasting this offering from Fyne Ales, I have to agree that This Gose!

If you want to see what all the fuss is about, you can buy your smoked salmon from the Loch Fyne Oysters online shop. Don't forget to get the beers in too by ordering direct from the Fyne Ales brewery.



Friday, 18 November 2016

St. Enoch Centre to Host Christmas Market this Weekend

St. Enoch Centre is hosting a Christmas Market this weekend (19th and 20th November 2016) to help take the stress and strain out of Christmas shopping.

Shoppers will be treated to everything from accessories to hand drawn cards, popcorn, sweets and toys.

Angel Creations has an irresistible collection of handmade jewellery and charms. What’s more, part of the proceeds will go towards Kidney Research UK and Fife Hospitals Kidney Support Group.

For those looking for a quirky or unusual present then Bubblegum Kitschville is ideal, offering a range of original gifts.

The market will also include CBL craft company offering Sixpence Cards & gifts while Stevie Spiers Photography will be selling Little People Images. Look no further than MR TS Popcorn for some sweet treats while Devine Inspiration offers health care, skin and beauty products.

The market will be located on level 1 outside Debenhams and the leading Glasgow shopping centre will also host markets on the weekend of 3rd and 4th December as well as from 17th to 24th December.

There are still a few stalls available and anyone interested should contact


Thursday, 17 November 2016

Christmas Drinks - Greenall's Have the Solution!!!

Greenall's have three delicious gins which are perfect for easy-to-make-at-home Christmas Drinks or for Christmas Parties.

Greenall's Sloe Gin

Greenall's Sloe Gin is made with hand-picked sloe berries, slowly macerated in Greenall's The Original London Dry Gin, for a rich, deep naturally flavoured sloe gin. The eight unique botanicals in Greenall's, with their rich juniper notes and mature citrus and spice combine with the sloes to create a warming drink perfect for Christmas and winter drinking.

A real hit at Christmas is Greenall's Sloe Gin & Prosecco which is a beautiful colour and perfect for easy but impressive party drinks:

Pour 50ml Greenall's Sloe Gin into a flute glass. Top with Champagne or Prosecco.

Available from: Amazon RRP: £20.99 for 70cl. ABV 26%

Greenall's Wild Berry Gin

The inspiration for Greenall's Wild Berry came from blackberries growing in English hedgerows, combined with raspberries which are infused in Greenall's The Original London Dry Gin, to give a vibrant, fruity taste, which is versatile and works well in cocktails.

An easy but mouthwateringly delicious cocktail for Christmas parties in a pitcher or jug of Greenall's Wild Berry Flora Dora:

Build 40ml Greenall's Wild Berry Gin, 20ml fresh lime juice, 10ml raspberry syrup over ice in a high ball glass. Top with ginger beer and churn. Garnish with a raspberry and a slice of lime and serve.

Greenall's Wild Berry Gin makes a great Christmas present for someone who is looking for a different gin this year. Available from: Tesco's and Amazon RRP £15.50 for 70cl. ABV: 37.5%

Greenall's The Original London Dry Gin

The only way to serve the classic Christmas G&T is with Greenall’s - the world's first quality gin, made to the same secret recipe for over 250 years.

Fill a tall glass with ice, squeeze one wedge of lime over the ice. Pour in 50ml of Greenall's The Original London Dry Gin and top up with 100ml of quality tonic water. Garnish with a second lime wedge - delightfully refreshing!

Available from: Waitrose, Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsburys and Master of Malt. RRP: £15.49 for 70cl. ABV 37.5%.



Light Up Christmas at St. Enoch Centre

St. Enoch Centre will be lighting up Christmas with a jam-packed calendar of events designed to get the whole family in the festive spirit. From the fashion and beauty conscious to the Santa fans, there’s magic in store for everyone this Christmas.

Get set for a glam-over to kick start the festive season with social media superstar Jamie Genevieve, who will be showing shoppers how to recreate her signature looks during a series of beauty masterclasses at St. Enoch Centre on Saturday 19th November. Learn how to create on-fleek sculpted brows, winged eyeliner and the perfect smokey eye as international Vlogger Jamie hosts three exclusive demonstrations from 11:00-12:30, 13:00-14:30 and 15:00-16:30. Tickets for each masterclass are £15 plus booking fee. Places can be booked via Advanced booking is advised.

Looking for some style inspiration to create a picture-perfect Christmas party look? This November, Scotland’s annual fashion and interior design showcase returns for a 10th year with its biggest and best format yet. The Scotland Re:Designed showcase will run from Wednesday 9th through till Sunday 13th November where it will present a host of different events for fashion and interiors lovers including a runway show, awards ceremony and pop-up shop as well as talks and discussions with some of the UK’s most respected design experts and mentors. Get inspired this festive season, click here to find out more about the upcoming events.

For younger members of the family, the sound of sleigh bells at St. Enoch Centre can only mean one thing... Santa has arrived in Glasgow to take up residence in his magical Christmas Grotto. Located outside Debenhams on the first floor of the mall, Santa’s Grotto opens on 5th November until the 24th December. A visit to the Grotto costs £5.00 and every little guest will receive a special Christmas gift from Santa in person. St. Enoch Rewards customers can visit Santa’s Grotto for £4 (20% discount) Mon-Fri during November. Santa is kept very busy at this time of the year making sure all the toys are ready for Christmas so parents are urged to book in advance. For timings to book, please visit

Elsewhere in the centre, the festivities continue with Hamleys ‘Meet Father Christmas’ interactive event where children can enjoy a magical fun-filled experience with Santa. With scrumptious snacks, entertainment, Christmas list writing, singing and dancing and much, much more, it is sure to be an occasion to cherish with your little ones. Children can enjoy this magical experience surrounded by the world’s finest toys from 26th November right up until Christmas Eve. The event lasts an hour and costs £25 per child. The iconic toy shop will also be making it snow with the help of Frozen’s Olaf and Hamleys’ very own magical elves. Olaf will be in centre making it snow twice daily from throughout December.

If it’s your little one’s 1st Christmas, then celebrate this special occasion by registering for Baby’s First Christmas. St. Enoch Centre is proud to sponsor this Glasgow City Council event where 1000 babies will receive a special silver keepsake tree decoration, cuddly bear from Hamleys and personalised certificate. Click here for more information.

This year, Glasgow will once again be overrun with a sea of Santas for the city’s annual Santa Dash. The Santa Dash pop-up shop, located on ground floor next to Mothercare, will be returning to its home in the centre from 30th November where keen runners register and collect their suits. This year around 8,000 Santas are expected to take part in the 5k which takes place on Sunday 11th December.

Let St. Enoch Centre light up your Christmas- Click here to find out more about the centre’s festive activities.

Stay connected;

Instagram: @stenochcentre

Twitter: @stenochcentre

Want to learn how to un-tap exclusive offers and treats this Christmas? Check out the new St. Enoch Rewards loyalty scheme.



Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Kained Holdings Look to Make it a Perfect 10

Restaurant group set to mark tenth year in business by opening, eighth, ninth and tenth venues

The team often credited with sparking Finnieston’s transformation into one of the UK’s “hippest places to live” has secured another West End location.

The Kebourne Saint is the newest concept from Kained Holdings, the group behind the Finnieston, Porter & Rye and the Drugstore Social, as well a number of other popular institutions across Glasgow’s West End and beyond.

The Queen Margaret Drive venue - the former Crosslands bar which was used as a filming location for the original Trainspotting film - will open later this month.

The Kelbourne Saint will be the eighth venue launched by directors Graham Suttle, Mo Clark and Scott Arnott, with two more in the pipeline for December.

Managing Director Graham Suttle said: “We have always set out to do what excites us, and our customers share in that excitement. Mo, Scott and I are extremely proud of what we’ve built and refuse to stand still.

“We’ll continue to surprise and delight with everything we do.”

Kained Holdings is now set to enter its tenth year of business after launching Lebowski’s in 2007. Then, Finnieston was very different to what it is now and Lebowski’s sister bars have since launched in Edinburgh and Glasgow’s southside.

With four units in Finnieston, Kained Holdings has been at the forefront of the area’s transformation into a buzzing hotbed for independent bars and restaurants. More than 150 people are currently employed by the group, with that figure set to rise in coming months.

“With every new venue, we pride ourselves on the same ethically sourced, sustainable produce, provided in the most innovative way possible”, continued Graham.

“We always look to stay ahead of the game. People have come to associate an extremely high standard of food, drink and experience when visiting our locations.

“At the Kelbourne Saint, the quality and creativity will be exactly what people have come to expect of Kained Holdings, packaged in an entirely new way. With every restaurant and bar we open, we aim to integrate ourselves into the community, engage customers and help the local area.

“This new venue, will be no different. We already feel part of the Queen Margaret Drive community.”

Kained Holdings recently added Independent Multiple Operator of The Year for 2016 at the SLTN Awards to its long list of awards. The group currently supports a number of charitable organisations, including The Prince's Trust, Action for Children and Yes Chef



Monday, 14 November 2016

Meat - The Spanish Butcher - Open December 1st

The Spanish Butcher, Rusk & Rusk, Glasgow restaurants

Located at 80 Miller Street, in the heart of Glasgow's Merchant City, The Spanish Butcher is the latest restaurant from Rusk & Rusk, the group behind Hutchesons Bar & Brasserie and The Butchershop Bar & Grill.

The Spanish Butcher will serve the finest grades of Galician beef, the most premium Iberian jamon and the freshest of seafood, combining Spanish and Mediterranean inspired flavours.

Set within chic, modern New York loft style interiors, The Spanish Butcher will deliver quintessential style along with the most premium cuisine.

Be one of the first people to try out The Spanish Butcher by booking now.



Thursday, 10 November 2016

Hebridean Food Company Launches Venison Range

The Hebridean Food Company has today added a range of venison products to their online retail business. The range of premium venison cuts, sausages and mince is produced from wild red deer from the Amhuinnsuidhe Estate on the Isle of Harris.

The Scottish business, founded by 25-year-old lobster fisherman’s son Douglas Stewart, already sells an extensive selection of seafood, organic beef and organic lamb, all boasting Hebridean provenance, to consumers across the UK from its online shop.

Douglas commented: “I believe this to be red deer venison of the purest quality to be found in the UK today. As the deer exist on a well-managed estate on the Isle of Harris, there has been no interbreeding with other species. Provenance and traceability are of paramount importance to us. I communicate with the small team of just two people who stalk, gralloch, drag, skin, hang and butcher the deer for us.”

Amhuinnsuidhe in North Harris is renowned as one of the finest sporting estates in Scotland, set amidst a dramatic and pristine landscape. The red deer roam freely in the hills and glens, entirely wild and free of disturbance. They live a stress free, natural existence, feeding on the heather that carpets the hillsides in purple, amongst mountain hares and red grouse, drinking from pure mountain streams.

A large estate with a small workforce, their venison is a by-product of estate management of nationally and internationally designated land that adheres to strict agreements for managing herds. Amhuinnsuidhe’s stalkers have been trained to the highest standard, working under the Scottish Quality Wild Venison Scheme to ensure best practice at all stages.

Douglas continued: “As with all the products we sell, we strive for as little intervention as possible between land, sea and plate. We want our customer to enjoy our products in as fresh and as natural a state as possible.”

Douglas, from the Isle of North Uist, founded The Hebridean Food Company in 2014. His passion for Hebridean produce started at an early age when his weekends were spent on fishing boats and sorting lobsters. His passion now is to ensure everyone in the UK is able to enjoy a true taste of the Hebrides.

In 2015, the company began the development of a range of 12 soups and 4 sauces. These were launched in January this year. In the same month the company secured its first nationwide supermarket listing of Mussel Chowder with Aldi. Confident in the product, Aldi agreed to a further two national listings this September. In addition, contracts for the soups have been secured with Selfridges, Whole Foods Market, Earthy food markets, House of Bruar and The Cress Company wholesale.

This summer, the company raised over £160,000 via a crowd-funding campaign to expand the soup and sauces production from their factory. They are currently developing more products with Colin Bussey, whose 35-year career in the food industry includes roles as executive chef at The Savoy and Gleneagles, operations director at P&C Morris and managing director of Simon Howie Foods.



Tuesday, 8 November 2016

An Evening with George Grant of Glenfarclas at Hutchesons

Hutchesons Bar & Brasserie, James Rusk, The Rusk Company, Citylicious, Glenfarclas Distillery, Pol Roger, Cumbrae Oysters, Gerry's Kitchen
Last Thursday evening, Glasgow's Hutchesons Bar & Brasserie hosted 'An Evening with George Grant of Glenfarclas' and I was invited along by community food and drink website Citylicious, to experience a night of fine dining matched with some of the finest whiskies to come out of the Glenfarclas Distillery in Speyside. I have to confess that I'm not a whisky drinker but I jumped at the chance to head along and hopefully get an education from a man who's family have been involved in the whisky industry for over 250 years.
Hutchesons Bar & Brasserie, James Rusk, The Rusk Company, Citylicious, Glenfarclas Distillery, Pol Roger, Cumbrae Oysters, Gerry's Kitchen
Hutchesons' Hall is one of Glasgow's most impressive buildings, owned and maintained by The Rusk Company and The National Trust for Scotland, and is a category A listed building and originally constructed as Hutchesons' Hospital, between 1802 and 1805 to a design by the Scottish architect David Hamilton.
Hutchesons' Hospital was built with monies left in the will of brothers George and Thomas Hutcheson for the purposes of building a hospital for the elderly and a school for poor boys. The school is still operating today, although fee-paying, as Hutchesons' Grammar School in Glasgow's Southside.
The building fell into disrepair and had been empty since 2008. In June 2014, having undergone a £1.4M refurbishment, it was restored by The Rusk Company and opened as a three flooring dining venue - Hutchesons Bar & Brasserie and is an impressive sight as you walk up Hutcheson Street towards the front doors on Ingram Street.
Hutchesons Bar & Brasserie, James Rusk, The Rusk Company, Citylicious, Glenfarclas Distillery, Pol Roger, Cumbrae Oysters, Gerry's Kitchen
The evening was billed as 'One for the boys..' although I'm sure that there are many women out there who have a much greater love and appreciation for the grain than myself but in the end it was only Hutchesons owner James Rusk, George Grant and 13 other gentlemen who found ourselves relaxing in the Glenfarclas Private Dining Room at Hutchesons.
Hutchesons Bar & Brasserie, James Rusk, The Rusk Company, Citylicious, Glenfarclas Distillery, Pol Roger, Cumbrae Oysters, Gerry's Kitchen
Our host James greeted me at the door and after a warning from him that there was a lot of whisky to be consumed across the night, I declined the offer of a Glenfarclas Old Fashioned and opted instead for a refreshing pint of Birra Moretti and introduced myself to those who had already arrived. As we waited on the rest of the guests, James and myself chatted about our shared interest in the food and drink of Spain. James was bouncing around like an over-excited Tigger, partly in anticipation of the night ahead but also due to the fact that he is set to launch his next restaurant venture, The Spanish Butcher, in the coming weeks.
Hutchesons Bar & Brasserie, James Rusk, The Rusk Company, Citylicious, Glenfarclas Distillery, Pol Roger, Cumbrae Oysters, Gerry's Kitchen
With all of the guest assembled and a couple of drinks under our belt, we made our way upstairs to our venue for the evening. The Glenfarclas Private Dining Room at Hutchesons is a warm and intimate space designed to keep the original character of Hutchesons, with luscious dark panelled walls and decor providing the perfect backdrop to enjoy a family celebration or a private meeting with colleagues. The table was set with individually named placed settings complete with tasting notes of the whiskies that would be accompanying our meal.
Hutchesons Bar & Brasserie, James Rusk, The Rusk Company, Citylicious, Glenfarclas Distillery, Pol Roger, Cumbrae Oysters, Gerry's Kitchen
Once we were all seated, George Grant took to the floor and gave us a little history on the business started his great-great-great Grandfather who purchased Glenfarclas Distillery for £511.19s. on the 8th of June 1865. To this day, Glenfarclas Single Highland Malt Scotch Whisky is distilled and matured at the family owned and run distillery, which thanks to the foresight of his forefathers, remains independent to this day. George explained that only pure spring water, malted barley and yeast are used to create the distinctive character of Glenfarclas Single Highland Malt Scotch Whisky. The commitment of the Grant family to traditional distillation methods, combined with the unique size and shape of the Glenfarclas copper pot stills, the specially selected oak casks, combined with the style and location of the warehouses has helped Glenfarclas produce a range of whiskies that are in huge demand as soon as they are bottled.
We were lucky enough to be treated to five whiskies across the night and George took time out between each course to explain a little about the whiskies and why they had been selected to pair the food courses.
Hutchesons Bar & Brasserie, James Rusk, The Rusk Company, Citylicious, Glenfarclas Distillery, Pol Roger, Cumbrae Oysters, Gerry's Kitchen
I've eaten quite a few tasting menus over the last couple of years and the bespoke menu on Thursday night was right up there with the best.
The opening course of a Cumbrae Oyster Tempura with oscietra cavier was a great way to wake up the taste buds in anticipation for the upcoming whisky-fest. The tempura batter was light and crisp and the encased oyster was firm and meaty with a slightly nutty flavour that was enhanced by the fine caviar.
Next up was Glenfarclas Cured Shetland Salmon with pickled garden beetroot, beetroot gel and endive. This was a great dish, the salmon was firm and salty and balanced well with the earthy beetroot and bitter endive. If I had to criticise, I felt that the fish was too strong to take on the flavours of the whisky that had been used to cure it.
Next, we were treated to a slightly different take on turf'n'surf with a delicious dish of Milk Fed Borders Pork Belly with Skye langoustine tail, whisky & langoustine bisque and watercress purée. The pork belly was melt in the mouth tender and worked well with the perfectly langoustine tails. The bisque was rich and velvety with an earthiness from the whisky that cut through the sweet pork and saltiness from the tails.
Our last savoury course of the night was Aged Loin of Venisin with Stornaway black pudding crumble, apple gel and butternut squash purée. The venison the best that I've had, cooked medium rare and seasoned to perfection. The sweet squash purée, sharp apple gel and spicy black pudding crumble were the perfect foil to the rich venison.
Last up was one of the best desserts that I've had in a long time. Described as Hot Toddy, the pudding took on the flavours of a warming winter toddy, although with a little twist. Glenfarclas & honey parfait, honey sponge, lemon creme fraîche and vanilla shortbread was the perfect balance of flavour and texture. The parfait was wonderfully smooth, the sweet honey countered by the warming whisky and sharp lemon creme fraîche whilst the sponge cake and shortbread added some much need crunch. What a way to end a great dinner!
Hutchesons Bar & Brasserie, James Rusk, The Rusk Company, Citylicious, Glenfarclas Distillery, Pol Roger, Cumbrae Oysters, Gerry's Kitchen
Of course, the night was all about the wonderful whiskies from the Glenfarclas Distillery and how they would be paired with our meal.
The first whisky we sampled was Glenfarclas 30 Year Old (43% ABV, £390 for 70cl). The 30yo has aromas of Christmas cake, cinnamon and nutmeg and despite having an initial sweetness in the taste, I detected bitter notes of dark chocolate in the finish. As my first proper foray into whisky drinking, I was pleasantly surprised. This whisky was matched with the oyster course and worked well with the hazelnut flavours of the caviar.
The next whisky was Glenfarclas 40 Year Old (46% ABV, £675 for 70cl). This was a whisky that could have been made for me. Sweet toffee and caramel on the nose was followed by the rounded flavours of raisins, prunes and orange in the mouth. I loved this whisky! It smelt like a great rum but tasted more complex than any rum I've ever drank. This was watched with the salmon dish and although it worked well with the big flavours, I thought the 40yo worked better as a comforting after dinner drink.
Our third whisky was Glenfarclas 1981 Family Cask (47.9% ABV, £595 for 70cl). This whisky has been aged in port casks for 35 years and as a result has take on some of the tannins that you would normally expect in a good red wine. With aromas of tobacco, clove and spice on the nose, the 1981 Family Cask was more complex than I could appreciate and despite the fact that this was one of the favourites on the night from most of the other guests, the spicy notes of allspice, nutmeg and clove was too harsh for my palate. This whisky was matched with the pork and langoustine course and the majority of the guests nodded in approval of the pairing.
The fourth whisky on the night was Glenfarclas 1962 Family Cask (40.9% ABV, £3425 for 70cl). The Christmas cake aroma is back, joined by nectarines and ginger too. I knew that I was going to enjoy this whisky and loved the the initial rich taste of dried fruit and raisin before a slightly oaky dry finish. This was paired with the venison course and was my favourite match of the night.
Last up was a very special whisky, Glenfarclas 1953 Pol Roger Decanter (43.9% ABV, £5454 for 70cl). With rich stewed fruit, cinnamon and a touch of liquorice on the nose, and a long lingering sweet toffee apple finish with a touch of vanilla oak, this 58 year old whisky was divine and a perfect match to the whisky & honey parfait dessert.
I feel incredibly honoured to have had the chance to taste some of these wonderful whiskies in the company of like minded gents and under the watchful eye of George Grant. All five whiskies were fine drinks in their own special way but my favourite across the night was the wonderful 40 year old.
Hutchesons Bar & Brasserie, James Rusk, The Rusk Company, Citylicious, Glenfarclas Distillery, Pol Roger, Cumbrae Oysters, Gerry's Kitchen
With dinner behind us it was time to head back downstairs for a nightcap or two but not before I grabbed a photo with the man of the moment, George Grant and our host for the evening, James Rusk.
Knowing that I had an early start the next morning, I said my goodbyes and made my way into the night after a fantastic night of food and drink.
So what did I learn across the evening? Firstly, I need to get back to Hutchesons Bar & Brasserie for dinner because the food served across the night was first class. Secondly, all whiskies are not created equally. And thirdly, it would appear that maybe I am a whisky drinker - although it seems that I have very expensive taste.
The ticket cost of the evening was £100 per person which offers outstanding value for money when you take into the food, drink and company. In addition to this, all of the guests also went home with a miniature hip flask and a 50cl bottle of Glenfarclas 40 year old as a keepsake of the evening.
Hutchesons regularly run special food and drinks events so make sure that you don't miss out by keep up t date with them on Facebook and Twitter.
Once again, I would like to thank James Rusk and all of the staff at Hutchesons Bar & Brasserie for their hospitality on the night and also extend thanks to George Grant for the education. Finally, I'd like to thank Citylicious for asking me to attend on their behalf - I had an absolute blast!

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