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Product Review - Craft Gin Club as seen on Dragons Den

With over 40 milllion bottles of gin sold in the UK last year, enough to make over one billion G&T's, British drinkers have helped sales of the juniper based spirit grow by over 16% on the previous year - more than that of sparkling wine and beer combined. Not bad when you think that we have been in the middle of a craft beer revolution for the last few years!
The growth of popularity has been put down to the boom in small batch distilleries producing new-style gins in addition to the introduction of a wide range of premium mixers, meaning that there is now a 'Perfect Serve' G&T for almost any drinker.
Myself and Nicola have been two of the many converts who now see gin as our go-to drink and following visits to recent gin festivals, we have amassed quite a collection of bottles of gin at home. Of course, for those that aren't able to get along any of the many gin festivals that tour the country, most bars now carry an extensive selection of premium gins as do many of the main supermarkets too so there's no excuses.
Now, thanks to various gin subscription clubs like The Craft Gin Club, getting your hands on premium gin is even easier.
I first seen the guys from the Craft Gin Club when they stepped into the Dragons Den hoping to secure a investment in their gin subscription club and after some tough questioning by the fiery dragons, they secured an investment from food and drink entrepreneur Sarah Willingham. With the promise to deliver limited edition or one off small batch gins from distillers across the globe, I liked the concept of the Craft Gin Club so when they contacted me earlier this year to see if they could send me one of their monthly boxes to try out, I quickly replied with the address details for Gerry's Kitchen HQ.
The Craft Gin Club send out their box of goodies so that they are with customers during the first week of the month. I received the March box which included a 700ml bottle of Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin from The Shed Distillery in Country Leitrim, a 250ml of Cardomom tonic from Peter Spanton, Wasabi ViP nuts from New York Delhi, sweet and sour flavoured crisps from Ten Acre Crisps and a bar of Irish Cream flavoured chocolate from Butlers Chocolates. The monthly subscription costs £40 so overall not a bad collection of goodies for the money.
Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin takes its name from one of the key botanicals used in the distillation process, gunpowder tea. Gunpowder tea is actually the leaves of GreenTea which have been slowly dried before being rolled up into tiny shiny pellets. Presented in a stunning ornamental bottle, the gin has a spicy aroma, similar to another oriental inspired gin - Opihr Gin, but thanks to the addition of oriental lime, lemon and fresh grapefruit at the value infusion stage, Drumshanbo Gin has a rounded citrus taste which works well with most tonics.
As mentioned earlier, my box also included a bottle of cardamom flavoured tonic water which was a perfect balance for the Spiced botanicals in the gin. I've previously enjoyed this cardomom infused tonic water with 6 O'clock Sloe Gin so it was good to see how it went when paired with a more traditional style gin.
With a full size bottle of gin, enough tonic to make a couple of cool G&T's as well as a few savoury snacks, the subscription box offers great value for money as the cost of a 700ml bottle of Drumshanbo Gunpowder Gin alone is about £45 although finding the full size bottle is proving quite difficult. You can find the smaller 500ml bottle much easier with various online retailers for around £32.
Despite the fact that I was impressed with the concept of The Craft Gin Club, I didn't sign up to the subscription terms at the time as I wasn't sure that I needed a new bottle of gin every month but I noticed recently that you can now sign up to receive a box of goodies either every month, every two months or even every three months so now there's no excuse for me not to sign up.
With any eye for rare, limited edition or small run gins from all over the world, The Craft Gin Club have their finger on the pulse, offering great value for money and opening the door to gins that you might never heave seen or heard of before and I would have no hesitation in recommending any of their subscription packages.
Keep up to date with news from The Craft Gin Club on Facebook or Twitter, or sign up for next month's gin here.


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