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Restaurant Review - Copper Blossom, George Street, Edinburgh

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The Edinburgh Festival has just celebrated its 70th Anniversary and this year, myself and Nicola were fortunate enough to see shows on the first and last weeekend of The Fringe.
I've spoken before about the difficulties in getting lunch in the capital so when Copper Blossom invited us to try out their recently launched lunch menu, we were quick to accept their kind offer.
Copper Blossom's address is George Street although you could easily miss them as the entrance is actually round the corner on North Castle Street. Once climbing down the stairs we found the hidden restaurant and bar sitting at basement level where Victoriana Garden meets Alice In Wonderland creating a funky setting for our lunchtime visit.
Gerry's Kitchen, restaurant Review, Edinburgh restaurant, food blogger, Speratus Group, Copper Blossom
Cocktails seemed to be the order of the day at Copper Blossom with the noise of bartenders shaking their intoxicating potions but as we were were planning on drinking well into the day, Nicola settled on an ice cold white wine whilst I was drawn to the latest offering from Italian brewers, Peroni.
Peroni Ambra is a limited edition beer flavoured with chinotto, a citrus fruit grown and harvested in North West Italy. Peroni see this as the perfect summer drink to be served over ice with a twist of orange although I'm not sure that the beer was working in the drizzly backdrop of Edinburgh in August. I didn't mind the Ambra too much although at 6% ABV, I'm not sure I could drink too much of the sharp yet bitter brew.
Gerry's Kitchen, restaurant Review, Edinburgh restaurant, food blogger, Speratus Group, Copper Blossom
Of course, we were here for the food and after spending an age looking over the menu, we decided to share a selection of small plates. There are plenty of options on the 'Bites to start or share' section of the menu and even the fussiest of eaters should be able to find something that catches the eye.
Gerry's Kitchen, restaurant Review, Edinburgh restaurant, food blogger, Speratus Group, Copper Blossom
We chose to share six 'bites' and found that this was more than enough to fuel us up for the day ahead. Service was slick and it wasn't too long before we were present with two wooden boards each carrying three of our chosen dishes. Presentation looked good and everything was cooked well and was piping hot on arrival. (Except the hummus - thank goodness!)
Buttermilk fried chicken with tomato chutney - three good sized pieces of chicken breast had been marinated in buttermilk and spices resulting in crispy coating and soft tender chicken. The tomato chutney was a good balance of sweet and sharp, not too jammy and a nice accompaniment to the spicy chicken.
Lamb koftas with cucumber and mint dip - the lamb koftas were well seasoned with a good balance of spice. Cooked on the griddle, the koftas were nicely charred adding an earthiness to the rich lamb mince. The homemade cucumber and mint dip was rich and creamy - a perfect foil for the spicy kofta.
Hummus & toasted pitta with olive oil and pine nuts - the hummus was well seasoned with the balance of tahini and lemon juice just about right. Copper Blossom also add a touch of cumin to their hummus which I loved although this break from tradition might not be to everyone's taste. Served with toasted pitta bread, although I felt that there should have been pitta for the quantity of hummus. The hummus was finished with a scattering of toasted pine nuts and a drizzle of extra virgin oil which added a few extra layers of texture and flavour to what was already a very good hummus.
Goats cheese and potato croquettes with aioli - we both love goats cheese and these croquettes were a masterpiece. Sharp, salty cheese and chunky mashed potatoes had been bound together before being rolled in breadcrumbs and deep fried to a crispy finish. This is such a simple dish but was executed well and is definitely something I'll be trying at home.
Polenta crusted halloumi chips with tomato chutney - I'm still unsure about whether I actually like halloumi. It's a strange Cypriot cheese, made from a mixture of goat's and sheep's milk, that seems to stand up to no end of cooking without breaking down which makes it perfect for deep frying in polenta. As it turned out, these polenta crusted 'chips' were actually pretty good. The halloumi had a slightly salty tasty although not much actually cheese flavour going on but the tomaato chutney managed to keep things interesting.
Breaded scampi with lemon aioli - I've maybe left the best to last here. Scampi has been on the menu of pubs and bars since the 70's but when it's as good as the scampi that we were served at Copper Blossom, why would you ever think of taking it off the menu? Scampi should be made using Dublin Bay Prawns although is often made using reformed lobster tail fried in breadcrumbs - I'm not sure of the provenance of the scampi at Copper Blossom but regardless, it tasted so good. The soft, sweet shellfish in a seasoned crispy breadcumb coating were well cooked and worked well with the lemon infused aioli.
The interior design might look cool but the poor lighting doesn't help when trying to get the best photos. Hopefully the images look appetising enough for you to add Copper Blossom to your list of places to visit.
6 bites between two was probably more food than the two of us needed but I'm sure that those with big appetites will find the amount of food on show to be enough to keep them going. With 15 'bites' on the menu costing between £5.50 and £6.50 each, there's plenty of choice although some of the notes offer far better value for money than others. That said, if you pop in for lunch or dinner from Monday to Thursday, you can choose any three bites for just £10 which makes it great value for money. In fact, so good that when myself and Nicola were back in Edinburgh on the recent Bank Holiday Monday, we made a return trip to Copper Blossom for a tasty great value lunch.
We dined as guests of Copper Blossom but my review above is an honest account of our visit. We would like to thanks the staff and management for their hospitality and generosity and wish them all the best for the future.
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