Monday, 23 October 2017

Fazenda Expands North of the Border

Rodizio Bar & Grill to open on Edinburgh's George Street early next year.
Independent restaurant operators City District Group, founders of the Fazenda Bar & Grill brand in Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester, are set to open a fourth outlet in the Scottish capital in early 2018. A fifth location in Glasgow is also being sought.
A £2m refurbishment of the 7000 sq ft site on Edinburgh’s prestigious George Street will offer 175 covers including a bar area of 40 covers, plus a private dining room for 8 guests.
Fazenda’s Sales and Marketing Director, Tomas Maunier, commented: “Edinburgh is a vibrant city, with a great personality and an amazing food scene. We want to share a unique and authentic dining experience, similar to the best restaurants in São Paulo or Rio, that will transport our guests to South America. With Scotland being world-renowned for its beef, we thought it was time for us to bring our way of cooking and serving meats to the people of Edinburgh.”
Fazenda presents an authentic gaúcho dining experience that embraces rodizio, a unique Brazilian way of serving a variety of grilled meats carved at the table.
For a set price, successions of prime cuts arrive at the table including chicken, lamb, pork and beef including Fazenda’s signature picanha cut, a juicy, tender and flavourful cut from the cap of the rump that is very popular in Brazil. Fazenda ensures the experience is easy and enjoyable by allowing diners to eat at their own pace via a start/stop signalling system on every table.
Diners are also invited to visit Fazenda’s outstanding gourmet sides bar offering an extensive selection of salads, sushi, smoked salmon, fresh cut vegetables, cured meats, traditional Brazilian dishes, and more.
Wine is a key ingredient of the Fazenda experience, with a carefully-curated wine list offering diners a perfect accompaniment to every cut of meat. Chris Milner, Head Sommelier said: “On top of a mix of New and Old World wines, we source a very special selection of South American premium and aged wines. The journey would not be complete without great wines.”
Francisco Martinez, Executive Head Chef for the group, commented: “The high quality of our produce is essential in delivering the authentic gaúcho experience. We carefully select our meats, just as we would if we were cooking for our friends back in Brazil, and limit the seasoning to the minimum so the natural flavours and textures of these great cuts shine through. The beauty of the experience is that you don’t get stuck with one cut, you go through a culinary voyage that allows you to enjoy a rainbow of flavours.”
Tomas Maunier added: “Our aim is to ensure our guests enjoy great food and great wines with great company. What else can we ask for?”
Fazenda, 100 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 3DF
Twitter: @FazendaGroup
Instagram: @FazendaGroup


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