Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Kokoro Gin launches new 20cl bottle

Kokoro Gin has launched a 20cl bottle of its unique Japanese-inspired London Dry Gin in time for the festive season.

The UK’s luxury department store, Harvey Nicols, is the first retailer to stock the new bottle size, which is available to buy from the store now.

The 20cl bottles have arrived only three months after the launch of Kokoro’s 5cl miniatures, and will be being marketed to on-trade, off-trade, wholesalers, independents, supermarkets and other retailers in the UK through Kokoro’s distribution partner, Mangrove.

Forest Spirits launched its signature Kokoro Gin in September 2016 and has just completed its fourth bottling of 5000 70cl bottles. All three bottle sizes (70cl / 20cl / 5cl) are now available to buy from Kokoro’s online store and selected retailers throughout the UK.

James Nicol, managing director at Forest Spirits, said: “The 20cl bottles will add another dimension to our product offering and are a perfect size for gifts and Christmas stocking fillers. Other products in our pipeline include Kokoro gift packs and flavoured gins as we hope to grow our product range, and the Kokoro brand, across the globe.”

The gin’s core ingredient, sansho berries, are hand-picked and imported to the UK from the Afan Woodland, a sustainable forest in the Nagano region of Japan. Used extensively in Japanese cuisine, sansho berries have a distinctive citrus flavour with a warm pepper finish.

James continued: “The Kokoro brand encompasses the Afan Woodland and so any product extension needs to come from there. However, any added flavour must complement or enhance our core ingredient, the sansho berry, as this is what makes our gin unique. The berries have an earthy, pepper finish which is also ideal for warm, spicy mixes, and can make the perfect festive cocktail in these colder winter months.”

Forest Spirits was formed by entrepreneurial duo, James Nicol and Barry Darnell. The brothers-in-law, who are financial consultant and design agency head by day, were inspired by a family connection to the Afan woodland in Japan, where sansho berries grow. James’s uncle, CW Nicol (affectionately known as Uncle Nic), is a lifelong environmentalist and author. He bought the Afan woodland in the 1980s and donated it to the Woodland Trust. It is now home to over 50 endangered species.

Visit www.kokorogin.com for more information or to purchase a bottle online.



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