Wednesday, 14 February 2018

60 Second Craft Beer Review - New World Odyssey by Fallen Brewing Co.

With beer names like Local Motion, Just The Ticket, Light Freight, Platform C and Chew Chew, you’d think that the team at Fallen Brewing Co had gone off the rails however these imaginative titles are simply a nod to the fact that the brewery is housed within a disused Victorian railway station that sits on the now defunct Forth & Clyde Line. 
On a recent shopping trip to my local Lidl, I spotted cans of Fallen Brewing New World Odyssey on offer at £1.25 and always one for a good deal, I picked up a couple of cans and got on board.

New World Odyssey (ABV 4.1%) by Fallen Brewery Co.

Bought at Lidl for £1.25 for 330ml can
  • Pours with an airy white foam head that dissipates quickly.
  • Bright golden in colour, slightly hazy.
  • Nose of lemon, pineapple and grapefruit with malt and yeast in the background..
  • Medium carbonation.
  • First taste is of malt followed by mandarin & lemon flavour cleansing the palate before a bitter hoppy finish.
As a fan of big hitting IPA’s, I really enjoyed New World Odyssey as all of the familiar flavours were there without the massive alcohol content that usual goes with the former. Yes, this beer is right on track and unlike the old Victorian trains that used to pull through the station, at only 4.1% this session beer won’t leave you steaming.
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