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As the blog name suggests, I'm Gerry. To avoid any confusion, I'll say right now that I'm not a chef and I don't have a professional kitchen. I just have a passion for great food and drink. I'm a keen amateur cook and always trying out new recipes and keeping an eye out for fresh local produce.

Based in Glasgow, I'm lucky to have so many great places to eat and drink on my doorstep but also spend a lot of time in Edinburgh, Manchester and London.

I first started writing this blog as a place to post recipes that I had cooked at home as well as sharing any food or drink stories that I had spotted online. 

It wasn't long before I was posting reviews of restaurants or cafes that myself and Nicola (often referred to as my gorgeous wife) had eaten. I try to keep my reviews positive as I would rather spread the word on places that I think people should visit, rather than posting negative reviews and putting the boot into a business that I would be very unlikely to re-visit. 

Over time, I have worked with a number of PR Agencies who have invited me along to review new restaurant and bar openings, new menu launches, new product launches and hotel stays.
am sometimes compensated to work with brands and companies although I do not accept payment to publish positive feedback on a product.  All opinions in my posts are honest and unbiased.

Finally, I write a series of posts where independent producers, cafes, delis, restaurants and chefs can have their story told by answering '5 Questions'. Gerry's Kitchen is all about telling stories!

If you would like more information or would like to work on a project with Gerry's Kitchen, get in touch using the contact form on the home page or by dropping me an email on

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