Saturday, 4 February 2012

Review - CC's Wood Fired Pizza Company

So my beautiful wife Nicola is on a girls day/night out. One of her friends has recently turned half a century so the girls have been out drinking champagne & cocktails before heading to Browns Bar & Restaurant in Glasgow. I have to be honest and say that I'm slightly jealous.
I shouldn't complain too much because I get to eat things that I don't normally have, tonight I thought I'd have pizza. I love pizza, I always have! Nicola enjoys one slice, but after that all she can see is more of the same thing. To me, that's the great thing about pizza!

I was originally going to get a pizza from Stefano's on Cathcart Road, however as I wanted to go somewhere closer to home, I popped down to CC's Pizza at Netherlee.

CC's opened about 6 month ago with little fan-fare. In fact the first I knew about them was when I seen their little sign written Ford Ka driving about Clarkston. I have now had a few pizzas from CC's over the last couple of months and have enjoyed them all.
A couple of months ago I managed to have a conversation with the owner who explained that he had been trained in Italy by experienced pizza chefs and that CC's was the first wood fired pizza oven in Glasgow.
Carefully selected logs are burned in the traditional oven, giving each pizza a unique flavour. This process also allows CC's to be a carbon neutral operator. 

The pizza dough is made fresh on the premises each day, and hand stretched only when you place your order. Tonight I opted for my favourite pizza topping - Parma Ham & Mozzarella. 
Once ordered, the base is covered in a rich tomato sauce which is well seasoned with fresh herbs and a few pieces of torn buffalo mozzarella before being placed towards the back of the traditional oven. As the pizza cooks, the chef keeps a careful eye on the heat of the oven, adding a few logs to the fire to maintain the optimum cooking temperature.
Five minutes later, my pizza is removed from the oven and a few slices of fresh Parma ham are draped across the top. The residual heat is enough to heat the ham through, extracting the salty flavours from the cured ham.

As I drove home with the wonderful aroma filling my car, I was glad that Nicola was out with the girls. After all, I didn't want to share my delicious smelling pizza!
Not only did it smell delicious, it tasted great. The wood fire oven gives the base a lovely crispy finish,with a slightly smoky taste. The combination of herby tomato sauce, creamy mozzarella and salty Parma ham is a perfect trilogy of Italian flavours.

Next time the kids scream that they want pizza, give CC's a call. You'll be glad that you did!



thenaughtyman said...

Man that sounds amazing.

thenaughtyman said...

I might try there tonight

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