Sunday, 18 March 2012

Review - The Living Room, Glasgow

Saturday afternoon seen Nicola and me in Glasgow as my beautiful wife was booked in for a bit of R&R with the girls at Origins at John Lewis. By the time she was finished looking gorgeous, time was getting on and as I still had some vouchers for The Living Room, we decided to head over for a spot of lunch.
We arrived around 12:30pm and were seated promptly. At this time of the day, the restaurant is still waking up. Our waiter efficiently ran through the specials and took our drink order. We had already decided that we would be having the Tapas plate to share, so that put me in the mood for one of my favourite beers, Estrella Damm from Barcelona, whilst Nicola ordered a white wine spritzer.

Our drinks arrived almost straight away, we ordered our Tapas board and a side of tomato hummus, and while we waited on our food to arrive we reminisced about our previous travels to the Catalan capital. We only had to wait a short time before our food arrived and we could set our eyes on a smorgasbord of spanish treats.

The tomato hummus with ciabatta toasts was delicious. A nice chunky blend of chick peas and sun-dried tomato, seasoned with a subtle kick of chili oil and spices. Although had I known just how well loaded the tapas board would be, I don't think we would have ordered the hummus.
The tapas board offered up a great range of flavours and textures. Some of the tapas were more to my liking than Nicola's, but at least Nicola can add anchovies onto a list of things she's tried!
  • Albondigas, tasty meatballs in a rich tomato sauce
  • tomato bread, a firm favourite of mine, packed with garlic
  • chilli and lime chicken wings, a twist on traditional allitas de pollo
  • olive and oregano empanadas, these little deep fried pockets of goats cheese and tapenade were lovely
  • paprika baby squid, one of Nicola's favourite tapas dishes
  • white anchovies, soaked in mild olive oil, firm with the fresh taste of the sea
  • And finally, pickled green chillies, these innocent looking comedy peppers packed a powerful punch
Each of the tapas had their own distinctive and individual flavours, helping transport us temporarily from city centre Glasgow to Barri Gotic in Barcelona, at least for a short while. We managed to clear our plates, although it was probably a 60/40 effort of my part - what can I say?, I love to snack!
The only criticism that I can make is that the batter on the deep fried baby squid was a little limp. The squid was delicious and fresh, but I think the oil used for deep frying was a just little too cool!

Otherwise , lunch was great. The portion size represents great value, we both left feeling that we had eaten a lot but not too much to ruin the rest of our afternoon.
We have eaten at The Living Room Glasgow on a number of occasion, both for lunch and dinner, and have yet to have a meal that we would not order again. The location on St Vincent Street might make The Living Room a little removed from the main shopping drags of Sauchihall Street and Buchanan Street but trust me, it is definitely worth making the slight detour to try their varied menu.

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