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Review - The Corinthian Club, Glasgow

In 1842, David Hamilton laid the groundwork on one of Glasgow's most elaborate and richly decorated buildings, both internally and externally. The grand building originally housed the Glasgow Ship Bank before being converted into the justiciary courts in 1929. Now 170 years later, after painstaking renovation work by the G1 Group to bring the 'grade A' listed building back to its former glory, the building on Ingram Street houses The Corinthian Club - one of Glasgow's top entertainment venues.

Housed within this gorgeous 19th century building there are themed bars, restaurants, nightclubs, private dining rooms, meeting rooms and a casino. Last Friday, my employers had booked a large section of the main restaurant to celebrate our end of year delaunch. We had pre-ordered our meal from a set menu earlier in the week, which was just as well as a large number of our group who had never been to The Corinthian Club would have held up the ordering process with their extended oohing and ahhing. Trust me, I did exactly the same when I first walked in off the street on my own first visit.

As we waited on our meals to be served, Noeleen commented on the how the cutlery looked so snug whilst tucked up in it's little bed of napkins.

Our lunch consisted of two courses from a set menu that may have been adapted from the Market Menu and whilst most of my fellow diners had chosen and enjoyed the Carrot & Coriander soup, I decided to go for the Duck Liver Parfait.

The parfait was a deliciously smooth duck liver pâté, served with Arran oaties, wholegrain mustard dressing and a red onion chutney and whilst the dressing was sharp enough to cut through the strong tasting pâté without being too overpowering, I thought that the red onion chutney was just too sweet to bring the flavours of the starter together. Normally I'm a big fan of chutneys, but in this case there was too many raisins and not enough onion for my taste.

As my wife Nicola isn't the biggest fan of salmon I tend not to cook it at home, which means that I order salmon at any opportunity that I get when I'm eating out. I had been looking forward to this dish of Pan-fried salmon, green beans & saffron mash from the moment I had seen the menu options, and when my meal arrived at the table I was happy that I had made the right choice.

My main was very well presented on the plate, the thick salmon fillet was perfectly cooked, with a fantastic crispy skin. Plenty of crisp green beans were accompanied by delicious saffron mashed potatoes and a light hollandaise sauce finished off the dish. I often find that when saffron is used to flavour food, the chef doesn't know when to stop, letting the saffron overrun the other flavours on the plate. This wasn't the case here, I could have eaten loads more of the delicately flavoured mashed potato. One of the downsides of ordering fish is the tendency to find the odd bone, I did manage to find two huge bones but as I spotted them before they left my fork, they didn't stop me thoroughly enjoying my lunch.

As with the starter, I was in the minority when it came to ordering my main dish and most of my colleagues had ordered the Pan Roasted Breast of Chicken with seasonal vegetables and a Diane sauce. The general feedback from those at my table was that the chicken was well cooked, moist and tender, the vegetables gave a good balance but that the sauce lacked any real depth of flavour. I did manage to try a piece of the chicken which was very nice, however I do have to agree that the Diane sauce could have carried more punch. That said, I believe that almost everyone cleared their plates.

All of the waiting staff on service were very attentive whilst the restaurant manger always seemed to be in the background directing his floor staff like a younger, better looking Geppetto. Bearing in mind that they had our group of over 50 hungry diners arriving in the middle of the Friday lunch service I think that all of the staff done incredibly well in accommodating us. The overall consensus is that the quality of the food was very good, whilst the overall value cannot be argued with.

I know that there are a number of my colleagues who plan on returning to The Corinthian Club having enjoyed the food, drinks and salubrious surrounds, and I will definitely be heading back soon as there are a number of items on the Tellers Dinner menu that I want to get my teeth into.

So wether you're heading into Glasgow to do a bit of shopping, or on a night out, there's plenty of reasons to swing by The Corinthian Club.



philcordiner said...

Check you getting RT by the Corinthian club - agree fantastic venue - I attend a comms breakfast there every month and it's a superb venue - so I can imagine tfe quality of the food matches

Unknown said...

I know, they seem pleased with the review. Retweeted and shared on Facebook. Today has been one of my busiest days of activity on the blog. If you ever get the chance to take Lisa into town for a special dinner, then The Corinthian Club is definitely one to look out for.

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