Saturday, 17 November 2012

Review - Livorno Fish & Chips, Clarkston, Glasgow

Earlier this year there was much excitement in Clarkston as word spread of a new Italian fish and chip shop that was soon to open. Work on 'Livorno' started back in April or May, with rumours spreading that they were ready to open towards the end of June. After months of anticipation, Livorno eventually opened a couple of weeks ago with little fanfare.

As I was helping LittleGems Jewellery with a craft event last night, I had little time to prepare dinner so it made perfect sense that we try the new 'chippy', eager to see if it was worth the wait.

Livorno Fish & Chips, Clarkston
As part of an opening offer all suppers are priced at £2.99 for a limited period. Normally when we get dinner from the chippy, we usually get a fish supper and a single black pudding to share between us, but last night I took advantage of their opening offer and bought two suppers.

When I opened the box containing the fish supper I was surprised to see only one fish! These days, it is normal to have two battered fish in a supper, (which is why we share ours). I have a big issue with the 'Two Fish System'! The world bangs on about overfishing and using sustainable fish, yet the fish and chip shop industry serve two fish as a standard occurrence. Why? Maybe someone in the industry can answer that one for me?

Anyway, last nights fish was huge! A giant piece of delicious flaky haddock, in a light and crisp batter, that ran the length of the box, served on a bed of very nice, fluffy chips.

Fish supper
After being surprised by the sight of just one fish, I was surprised a second time when I opened the other box to see two black puddings! Had I stepped into some weird 'chippy' parallel universe?

Black pudding supper
We both love black pudding, the spicier the better, so you can imagine the excitement of having two! Unfortunately, the excitement didn't last. The black pudding was dry and mealy with virtually no actual flavour, which was a huge pity as it was served within the same brilliant crisp batter as the fish.

Despite the disappointment with the black pudding, overall we were impressed with Livorno, and would happily recommend giving them a try the next time you have a hankering for Scotland's other national food. The portion sizes were great, especially with the offer price. I don't know what the real prices will be, but based on the size of the portion I still expect it to offer great value.


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