Sunday, 9 June 2013

Review - The Living Room, St Vincent Street, Glasgow

We had scored tickets to see Eddie Izzard, the action transvestite comedian, as he wound up on his 'Force Majeure' tour in Glasgow. As the show didn't start until 8 o'clock, this gave myself and Nicola the chance to grab some dinner in the city centre before making our way to the SECC. The Living Room is practically next door to my place of work plus we had some gift vouchers to use up, so it was an easy decision on where we would eat before the show.
We arrived just before half past five and were quickly seated and left to look over the menu. With 50% off the a la carte menu, and the perfect set menu offering two courses for £12, we were spoilt for choice. In the end we both ordered from the set menu, adding a large glass of wine for just £4 each. We also asked for some water and were given the choice of still or sparkling however as we live in the West of Scotland where we have possibly the best water in the world, we were happy with iced tap water. Some restaurants pre-empt this by having jugs of water brought to the table as standard, I wish they all did this. If someone specifically wants mineral water then I'm sure that they won't be shy in asking for it.
Anyway, gripe over. One huge jug of iced water adorned with slices of cucumber and strawberries later, we waited with anticipation on our mains to arrive.

The Perfect Set Menu (unlike some other restaurant set menus) has a good choice of starters, mains and dessert, and whilst I'm normally a starter and main type of guy - tonight I had my eye on one of the puddings from the dessert section. We both ordered the TLR Burger as our main course with a side of onion rings to share. The burgers were well seasoned and wonderfully juicy, served in a toasted brioche bun alongside a miniature bucket of French fries with a little homemade burger sauce on the side. Crisp lettuce, thick cut tomato and pickled gherkin were on the brioche as standard, I added some mature cheddar whilst Nicola opted for cheese and bacon.
Normally I prefer my burger to be served in a floury bap but recent trends have seen the slightly sweetened brioche being used more and more. Based on the light brioche that The Living Room serve up, i might start changing my mind because it worked really well with the juicy burger.
The side order of onion rings were delicious, chunky thick cut rings of onion deep fried in a crispy, almost tempura style batter. In all honesty, we probably didn't need them as the burger and fries were filling enough.
With the burgers finished, (I helped Nicola finish hers), we had a short break before our puddings arrived. Nicola had ordered Chocolate Pavé with peanut dust and salted caramel ice cream. This was a proper adult pudding, a solid square of intense dark chocolate cake. (The cake is so dense because it is baked without flour) the rich chocolate was matched with peanut butter crumbs, a creamy salted caramel ice cream, drizzled with a sweet caramel sauce. The combination of flavours was fantastic and Nicola had no problem in clearing the plate.
Stuffed from my burger and onion rings, I was slightly concerned that I would struggle with the Sticky Toffee Pudding with Clotted Cream ice cream that I had ordered. However in the name of research, I picked up my spoon and dived in to one of the nicest sponge puddings that I've had in a long time. The heavily spiced sponge sat in a pool of sweet syrupy/toffee sauce, countered with a scoop of delicious clotted cream ice cream. As one spoonful followed another, I realised that I wasn't actually that stuffed and scoffed the lot!
Time was getting on and we needed to get on our way to the SECC for our night of comedy so I asked for the bill. After a few minutes of waiting ,we were very pleasantly surprised when one of the waiting staff came to the table to inform us that the meal was on the house and that we had been the guests of Kyle Steel, the general manager of The Living Room Glasgow.
We are both greatly appreciative of our free meal and drinks at The Living Room and extend our thanks to the staff and management. I would mention at this point that whilst there was no cost to our dinner, the views on this review are an honest report from Gerry's Kitchen and in no way loaded on account of the generosity of the management.
Of course this does mean that we still have our gift vouchers to use before the end of July, but with 50% off all food (Sunday - Thursday), fantastic Pre-Theatre value menus, and half price cocktails at certain times if the week, I don't think we'll struggle to find another reason to get back out for dinner soon. The Living Room also have a Privilege Card scheme that gives you discount and exclusive offers via email, so plenty of reason to check out their website for more information.
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