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5 Questions - Pammy's Pops

One of the great things about attending craft fairs as a helper for my gorgeous wife, is that I sometimes get to meet local food producers and chat to them about their products and what drives them to do what they do. Over the last year I have noticed a massive rise in the number of different people producing cupcakes, each of these budding bakers stretching the boundaries of cake decorating to the limits, in order to bring something different and memorable to the market. However another product that has caught my eye with an increase in table space at the fairs is the humble cake pop. These often beautifully decorated treats are a great way of enjoying a slice of cake without the need to dirty a plate, plus they can be eaten on the go using sophisticated 'cake on a stick' technology.
Cake Pops are simply mini cakes that have been shaped onto lollipop sticks. Cake Pops use many of the ingredients used in a traditional cake and can be made from cakes of any flavour. Once a cake has been baked, or when leftovers from an existing cake a collected, it is crumbled into pieces. The crumbs are then mixed in a bowl with frosting or melted chocolate before being balled or shaped. The ball is then attached to the lollipop stick and once solidified, are decorated with more frosting, chocolate or sprinkles. Most of the time making cake pops is spent shaping the cake to a desirable form before decorating them. Simple sphere shapes can be made by hand although silicone shapes and cookie cutters are often used for the more intricate 'pops'
Pammy's Pops is a company that we have seen on a number of occasions who has mastered the art of creating delicious tasting and wonderfully decorated cake pops. This fairly new business, run by Pamela and assisted by her sister, is just completing their first year of activity but are already a familiar face on the craft scene in and around Glasgow.
Here's Pammy's Pops story;
How did you get started?
Last year when I was planning my own wedding I was looking for something a bit different for my wedding favours’. We had planned to create the favours’ ourselves but after a crazy year with university exams we just ran out of time. We went to a wedding fair and saw a woman who was selling cake pops and I fell in love with them. We ordered them for our wedding and when she delivered them she told me that she was closing her company to go into business with her husband instead. I have always enjoyed baking and creating new cakes and meals so when she suggested that I make them myself I couldn't resist.
What’s the best piece of business advice you could give?
I think it is so important to love what you are doing. Making cake pops, experimenting with flavours and designs is something I find really enjoyable and I do it because I enjoy it so it does not feel like work to me at all.
Where would you like to see your business in 5 years time?
Pammy’s Pops just now is more of a hobby that I do in my spare time as I also hold down a full time job but I would love to see Pammy’s Pops grow to become more of a full time feature in my life! I feel the options of cakes on a stick are endless.
If you could only have one of your own products, what would it be & why?
I think I would need to go for the Chocolate Cake Pop. I have experimented with many different flavours but chocolate was my first and I think deep down will always be my favourite. Who doesn’t love a bit of chocolate cake?
You can invite one person (living or dead) to your last meal – Who would it be and why? …and what’s on the menu?
I would have to be greedy (Sorry) and pick two, my Grandparents. My Gran passed away when I was 21 and at this point I very rarely cooked or baked. My Gran was a massive baker and she taught me so many things that I would love to show her how they have helped me with creating Pammy’s Pops. My Grandpa was the one who would follow behind us and clean up our mess and greatly appreciate all the stuff that I had been making (good or bad). Dinner would have to be a traditional meal of lentil soup then mince and potatoes finished off with Eve’s Pudding as it was meals like this that my Gran always made.

As well as exhibiting her little works of art at craft fairs across the Glasgow and surrounding areas, you can also place orders for your own cake pops in an assortment of flavours including including chocolate, vanilla, raspberry, coconut, chocolate fudge, toffee, and even an unusual peach schnapps flavoured pop. All of these can be made to order for birthdays or other special occasions, as well as for corporate events or even wedding favours, and are available for delivery in the Glasgow area.
Keep up to date with Pammy's Pops on Facebook to see where she'll be cake popping up next!


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