Saturday, 6 July 2013

Review - Ming's Express, East Kilbride Road, Busby

Nicola and myself had to make a trip to see our solicitor to start the process of finalising the mortgage on our new home. With the legal stuff taken care of, and our day running later than schedule, it was too late to start preparing and cooking dinner at home so we decided to get takeaway food. The drive back from the solicitors took us through the sleepy village of Busby where Ming's Express occupies what might have been an old railway stationmasters house right next to Busby Train station. The building has been home to a long list of Chinese takeaways for a long time and from what I can gather Ming's Express has been open for around four or five weeks. Having never eaten from any of the previous takeaways, I'm not sure if this is actually a brand new owner or simply a rebrand of a previous business. Either way, it was on the route home so that suited us!

When we arrived, there were already a good number of people waiting on food plus the phone was ringing non stop for takeaway orders, perhaps this was good sign of things to come.
The menu options were plentiful from the usual wide array of traditional Chinese, Mandarin and Cantonese dishes thought to spicy Mongolian curries, Malaysian rice and noodle dishes and even Japanese udon noodle dishes. We both had fried rice in our head so decided to try the Nasi Goreng with a portion of pancake rolls to share between us.

I'm a great believer that you can tell a lot about a Chinese takeaway by the quality of their pancake rolls. The portion that Ming's Express serve up contains two huge crispy rolls stuffed to almost bursting with savoury bean sprouts, shredded chicken, prawns, and slices of char siu pork & ham in a tightly wrapped filo parcel. The flavours were well balanced although maybe needed just a little touch of seasoning or a little kick of chilli oil or flakes to really bring the flavours alive. If I had known that they were going to be the size they were, we might not have ordered a main course as these appetisers were satisfyingly filling. The portion of pancake rolls cost £2.80 which I think represents great value for money.

When we ordered our Nasi Goreng, the girl at the counter gave us the option of having the very traditional dry fried rice, or with more sauce used to create a wetter fried rice dish. As we are both in favour of a little sauciness, we opted for the latter option.
Nasi Goreng literally translates as 'fried rice' in Indonesian, although the term Nasi Goreng is also used to describe fried rice across other parts of Asia. Traditionally, Nasi Goreng is eaten at breakfast using left over rice and stir frying with shallots, chilli, peppers, and scraps of chicken or beef, and sweet soy sauce before finishing with either egg fried through the rice or with a fried egg on top.
Similar to our starter, the main dish was another huge portion of food. Ming's Express kept it simple with rice, beaten eggs, and loads of succulent strips of chicken all stir fried together with the sauce. I'm glad that we had been given the option of having more sauce used as without it, I think the dish would have been drier than we would have preferred. As it turned out, the resulting meal was delicious, well seasoned and so more-ish.
So to sum up, our first experience of Ming's Express will definitely not be our last. Tasty food at great value prices, friendly and chatty staff, and an extensive menu to choose from, means that I have plenty of reasons to go back again.


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