Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Practical Ice Cream Packaging from Mackie's Of Scotland

Whilst scanning the internet today, I stumbled upon this story from ice cream manufacturers Mackie's of Scotland, who have created the ultimate in environmentally friendly packaging for their ice cream – new 1 litre tubs made of ice. The new tubs are moulded in similar shape to the 1 litre tubs and stay perfectly frozen when kept under -18°C.
The new tubs provide enhanced protection from heat for the ice cream and when the ice cream is finished, the tub can be left to melt and the water poured safely down the drain. After months of development, staff at Mackie's couldn't think why the idea for the environmentally sound storage tub has not occurred to them before!
The first range of ice cold tubs have been trialled by staff and sold locally in Aberdeenshire from the Mackie's retail van as a further test.
Following this success they are now going to further invest in the automation required to make the ice tubs on a larger scale.
Filling the tubs is done on the same equipment as the traditional plastic tubs, but in a newly chilled environment with staff wearing additional outer jackets, gloves and balaclavas. Each tub is made by freezing water in tub shaped moulds, which creates a tub which is suitably robust for the strict requirements of the supply chain.

The tub stays frozen for journeys of up to half an hour, but is best kept in an insulated bag if possible.

Other tips to get used to the product are that a hot knife can be used to slide the ice lid off the tub and the outer surface can also be wiped clean with a hot cloth.

A tub can also be broken into pieces with a large hammer. This mix with the ice cream is a good base for making ice cold smoothies – just add fruit as desired and put in a liquidiser.

The new ice cream tubs can be found in the frozen isle of major supermarkets from today, so why not stock up on a tub or two in the knowledge that you won't need to worry about the recycling.

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