Sunday, 13 July 2014

Beers of the World Cup - #16 Camaroon - Bell Lager (Substitute from Uganda)

Trying to find beers from all thirty-two competing nations at the FIFA World Cup 2014 was a very difficult task, so much so that as I move onto Camaroon, I had to make my first official substitution. There are actually a few beers brewed in Cameroon but very few are exported out of the country so I decided to call up Bell Lager from neighbouring Uganda in the hope that it would make a worthy replacement.
Bell lager is Brewed at Port Bell on the shores of Lake Victoria from the finest natural ingredients, malted barley, superior German hops and water which gives it the smooth refreshing, lighter taste that is enjoyed throughout Uganda. As the best selling lager in Uganda, Bell accounts for 30% of all beer sales in the African country.
The Bell poured with a vary pale golden colour and soft foamy head that very quickly disappeared. There isn't a great deal going on with the nose with almost no noticeable aroma. Unfortunately, there isn't much going on with the taste either with just the faintest taste of toasted malts on the tongue. Having recently enjoyed a bottle of Gulder from Ghana, my expectations of African beers was perhaps artificially high but unfortunately the Bell lager was a massive disappointment.
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