Sunday, 27 July 2014

Beers of the World Cup - #19 Russia - Baltika 8 Weizen München

The FIFA World Cup finished two weeks ago but I've still not worked my way through all of the nations on my #beersoftheworldcup challenge. Over the last five weeks I have worked my way through 18 different countries so far and next up is Russia with Baltika 8 Weizen München.
The Baltika Brewery was only founded on 1990, producing a wide range of different Baltika brand beers and as they are now part of Carlsberg Group, the brewery also produces a host of other branded beers for sale across Russia and Eastern Europe.
Wheat beers have been well represented in my challenge so far and when I spotted that Russia's largest brewery offered a German style wheat beer, I added it to my list.
German wheat beers are fantastic and the Russians have created a pretty decent imposter. The Baltika 8 Weizen München pour with a hazy amber colour and a foamy head that reduces to leave a little lacing around the top of the glass. There are noticable aromas of bread yeast and citrusy lemon plus a faint smell of cloves and bananas. Not exactly what I was expecting but not unpleasant either. To taste, there is a sweet banana flavour but not overpowering as clove and cardamom work well to balance the Weizen München.
I really enjoyed Baltika's take on a German wheat beer and would put Baltika 8 Weizen München into my top five so far. Shame that the Russian national team didn't do quite so well.
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